Farewell Letters

Farewell letter to staff

Mr. Ryan Phillips

Barden St

Fort Myers, FL 33916

February 10, 2010

The Staff

Sales Department

Bright and Bold, Inc.

Dear staff,

I will be leaving my current position as your department head next week and I find it only proper to formally bid you farewell through this letter.  The company has opened a new branch in Detroit and has offered me a higher position.  I have accepted the job as it is a good move for my career.

I will be missing you all.  Everyone has done a great job elevating the company’s sales and it is noteworthy to congratulate you.  With your perseverance and dedication to your work, I know that you will reap more success for the company this year.  I am confident that whoever replaces me as your head will not have a problem managing the highly-capable team.


Regards to all,

Ryan Phillips

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