Credit Letters

Credit Letter Template


______________ [here write the name of the recipient]

______________ [write the profile of the recipient]

______________ [write the name of the financial institution]

______________ [write the address of the institution]

_______________ [write the date of sending the letter]

________________________: [write down an appropriate subject for the letter]

Respected Sir/ Ma’am,

I would like to apply for credit from your financial institution for an amount of ______ [amount of credit required]. The credit will be in the form of ______ [type of credit].

I would pay back the credit amount in ______________ [loan term] years. I am aware about the interest rate of __________ [mention the interest rate] that you would be charging and agree to pay that.

I would be highly grateful if you consider my application and process my __________ [type of loan] loan. I am enclosing a copy of my ______________ [mention the details of the documents enclosed with the letter].

Thanking you,

_______________ [write the name of the sender]

_______________ [write the address of the sender]

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