Credit Letters

Credit Letter Example


Tammy Horse

Lending Manager

International Finance Limited

783 Big Highway Road

Florida, Los Angeles  6789

Dated: 12th of March 2012

Subject: Applying for Credit for doing trading

Dear Mr. Horse,

I would like to apply for credit from your financial institution for an amount of $15000 for the purpose of making payment to the supplier.

My organization Raw Garments Limited specializes in supplying raw materials to various garment manufacturing companies. I buy the products to manufacture raw materials from various suppliers. The whole process of   buying goods from supplier and the selling the manufactured raw materials to the clients involves a time period of three months. Thus I would return the credit amount in three months time by paying en equal installment each month. I am aware about the interest amount charged and ready to bear that.

I would request you to approve the credit amount. I am also enclosing business report of my organization with this letter.


Roger Moore.

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