Credit Letters

Credit Dispute Letter


Tony Hanks

Finance Department Head

Gas Garments Limited

56 Straight Drive Road,

New York, New Jersey 8689

Dated: 2nd of May 2012

Subject: Letter of credit dispute

Respected Mr. Hanks,

This is in regards to the credit applied by your organization in the form of a business loan for an amount of one million dollars on 25th of April 2012. There is a certain dispute in providing the credit amount.

After any client applied for loan from us, we do a credit check of that client. Similarly we  did a credit check of your organization. We found that the credit rating of your organization is negative. Your organization had earlier applied for a business loan in which there is a default in making payment and the loan amount has not been cleared.

I would request you to clear off the outstanding amount  and apply to us three months afterwards.


Brad Pit

Branch Manger

Credit Provider Bank.

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