Credit Letters

Credit Acceptance Letter


The Bank Manager,

Novotel Bank of London,

#44, Colchester, Essex,

London, CO31

Date : 17th May 2012

Subject : Letter for acceptance of credit

Dear Sir,

I have received a letter from your bank dated 02nd May 2012 which has approved my credit by your bank. I have received the credit account number as 123456XXX which was specified in the letter sent by your bank. I am so delighted at the issuance of the credit which will now help me to grow my business better than before.

I have received a copy of agreement which outlines the terms and conditions for the issuance of credit by your bank. As specified in your letter I am in full acceptance of all the terms and conditions specified in the agreement. I am also signing the agreement and the letter sent by your bank in acceptance of the same.

Please find enclosed along with this letter my credit acceptance letter. I request you to kindly process my credit requirement at the earliest as I have a huge export order to be fulfilled within the next one month time span.

I once again thank you for offering me the credit and helping me grow in my business with your support. I cherish a long term relationship with your bank and assure you to maintain the terms specified by the bank always.

Yours Sincerely,

Gillian Alcock.

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