What Are The Different Types Of Business Letters?

Business letters are those kinds of letters which are written for a formal or business related purpose. These letters are exchanged between business organisations and can also be written and sent within a company. These are one of the most widely used categories of letters and must have a strict formal format of writing. A business letter can be used to serve many different purposes and based on this it is divided into several categories. The following is a list of the major different types of business letters:

  • Job application letters: A job application letter is a kind of a business letters which is used by an individual to apply for a job in a business company or an organisation. These letters are used to give the details of the qualifications of the applicant and are generally attached with resumes or curriculum vitas.
  • Resignation letters: a resignation letter is a popular kind of a business letter which is written in the case when an employee of a company wishes to resign from work and writes a letter to the employer to inform him/her about this. These letters must state the reason due to which the employee wishes to resign.
  • Employee introduction letter: an employee introduction letter is a kind of a letter which is used by an employer to introduce a new employee to the rest of the staff. These letters are addressed to a group or team of working staff.
  • Agreement letters: agreement letters are those kinds of business letters which are used to lay down the terms and conditions of a business contract or agreement and inform the other business organisation about the details of the agreement formed between the two parties.
  • Cover letters: this category of letters is also used by aspiring employees to give the details of their skills and qualifications to the employer or recruiter.

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