Certification Letters

Cost Certification Letter


Ms. Janet Lee

Head superintendent, Girls’ Hostel

Christ College, Minnesota

Subject: Cost Certification Letter

This to inform you that a cost certification document has been attached along with this letter based on the information you have given us. The amount of funds to be allocated for the creation of a new wing to the hostel in Christ College, Minnesota, is subject to your approval of the cost certification plan we have forwarded. In case you find it unsatisfactory, please return the same to us, along with your amended version. If however, you find this document to be suited to your purposes, please retain a copy of it and send the signed original back to us.

The signed original will remain as proof of your agreement to our terms and conditions, and enable us to release funds for your project as per the fund distribution mentioned in the cost certification document attached herewith.

Thanking you,

Jason Mulroney

Head, Facilities,

Department of Educational Services


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