Leave Letters

College Leave Letter


The Principal, St. Xaviers’ College,

1212 East London,


18th March 2012

Subject: Leave letter request.

Respected Sir,

I am Steve Thames pursuing Mechanical Engineering III year from your college. My student ID is ME3-1409234. I am writing this letter to kindly request you to please grant me 7 days leave from 25th March, 2012 as my mother’s knee replacement operation needs to be done.

My sister is too small to take care of all the responsibilities. My father is out of town for official work and thus I request you to kindly grant me leave for a week to take care of my mother’s health. Doctor has advised her for complete bed rest after surgery and so I have to take care of everything at home.

Hope you understand my situation and kindly grant me leave.

Yours Sincerely,

Steve Thames,

III year B.E. Mechanical Eng.,

ID: – ME3-1409234

St. Xaviers’ College.

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