Collection Letters

Collection Demand Letter


Tony Rogers

Managing Director

Gas Garments Limited

23 Times Square Street

New York, New Jersey 5678

Dated: 10th of February 2012

Subject: Collection demand for outstanding payment

Respected Mr. Rogers,

This is to inform you that it us our final demand for the outstanding payment of the raw materials supplied by our organization to you. The total amount of the outstanding payment is $10000 and is outstanding since 10th of December 2012.

We had supplied you one ton of cotton raw materials to manufacture garments for which you were supposed to make payment in the next one week but we have not yet received the payment. We had sent you the collection letter several times but there was no response.

If no payment is received by us till 20th of February 2012 we will be forced to take legal action against you. It is in your best interest to resolve the issue.


Tim Burton

Finance Department Head

Raw Materials Limited

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