Collection Letters

Collection Letter for Rent


Ron Howard

Flat no. 42, 4th floor

Ray of Hope Apartment,

34 Drive High Lane

York Shire, United Kingdom 4590

Dated: 12th of February 2012

Subject: Collection of your outstanding rent

Dear Mr. Howard,

This letter is in regards to the outstanding rent amount for the apartment where you are residing as a tenant. There has been a failure from your part to pay the rental amount since last two months.

The total outstanding amount is $3000. We would request you to make the payment along with next month’s rent. If you are unable to pay the total outstanding rental amount in the next due date, we will have to ask you to vacate the apartment and we will deduct the amount from the deposit amount.

I would request you to pay the outstanding amount so that we don’t have to take any collection action on you.

Thanking you,

Henry Cooper


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