Claim Letters

Claim Letters

Claim letters are documents which are sent by an individual or a company to another in order to extend a claim on an item, a deal, a product and so on. Such letters are purely professional documents and are often written by externally sourced agents for a fee. Claim letters are also used by law courts and sometime, in special circumstances, they have legal validity.

  • Claim letters must be comprehensive and precise simultaneously. The item claimed must be described in the introductory paragraph of the claim letter. This provides the recipient with an idea of what the letter purports and prepares him for the rest.
  • Then, the reasons for claiming that particular item or product must be stated clearly. This is the most important part of the claim letter which will determine if the sender’s claims will be adjudged legitimate or not. Strong, well-reasoned arguments must be made on behalf of the claimant.
  • The tone in which claim letters are written should be courteous and polite. Even under unsavory circumstances, the claim letter should keep all the formalities of letter writing in mind and be civil.
  • In case of legal claim letters, the due procedures of the law must be observed, and the document verified by the necessary authorities.

Claim Letter

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