Collection Letters

Collection Agency Letter


Matthew Hayden

21 Beach House Road

Miami, Los Angeles 8976

Dated: 4th of February 2012

Subject: Collection of amount outstanding amount on your home loan

Respected Mr. Hayden,

This letter is in regards to the amount outstanding on your home loan with account number 45678. We would request you to make the payment as soon as possible as there has been default in making payment since last three months.

You had taken a home loan from our client Standard Home Loans on 10th of June 2011. But since the month of November our client did not receive any payment from your end so your account has been transferred to us for collections. We would request you to make at least the minimum payment of $1000 by 20th of February 2012.

If you agree then we can send an executive to you for collections else we will have to file a legal complaint against you.


John Mayo

Assistant Manager

Collections Department

Max Well Collection Agency

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