Appreciation Letters

Co Worker Appreciation Letter


Lydia Harris

Sales Department,

Green Meadows Enterprises


July 24, 2012

Subject: Appreciation letter for your work and guidance

Dear Lydia,

I would like to thank you for all the advice, guidance and tips you have shared with us which has made my work so much easier and enjoyable. I remember when I first joined this office, I was so new and lost and found myself out of place. You took me under your wing and showed me how to perform the basic tasks, sometimes even staying late so that you could teach me the work. There have been times when you were so busy but not once did I see you in a bad mood or refuse to help me. You cannot imagine how grateful I am that I have you as a co-worker, a friend and guide.

You are an excellent worker and have such a lovely personality that you always inspire everyone around you and fill us with positivity. I am very glad that I met you here. I hope we continue to work together and be friends later too. I wish you all the best in everything you do and may you have a very successful career.

Thank you once again.

Yours truly,

Marilyn Dawson

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