Appreciation Letters

Appreciation Letter to Instructor


Tiara Harris

Rhythm Dance Academy,

823 Munroe Field,


July 24, 2012

Subject: Appreciation letter to instructor for guidance

Dear Miss Harris,

Please accept this letter as an acknowledgement of your hard work and guidance and the dedication with which you instruct all of us every day. When I first came to this academy I was a novice and had very little training. But you not only took care of your regular class but also took out time to teach me every nuance needed for dancing. You are so talented and are a wonderful person. Within a few months I started feeling confident of my abilities and have improved considerably, solely because of your systematic instructions and encouragement.

Miss Harris, you have a very kind personality, gorgeous talent and your sense of humor can bring joy to everyone around you. But at the same time you are so focused and serious about your work that it motivates us to perform better so that you can be proud of us. I hope you are really proud of us and we promise to work very hard so that your instructions and training are not in vain. Thank you for your inspiration and everything.

Yours truly,

Donna Summers

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