Appreciation Letters

Coach Appreciation Letter


Coach Harris Wingfield

Libertyville High School

Waco, Texas

July 24, 2012

Subject: Appreciation letter for excellent contribution to sports and coaching services

Dear Coach Wingfield,

On behalf of all the students, teachers and other employees of Libertyville High School, I would like to thank you for your outstanding services and contribution to the success of the football team of our school. You are an inspiration and every day we learn something new from you. Not only did you battle your personal challenges like lunch cancer but you have never let anything get in the way of coaching your players. You came back with a bang and all of us are so glad to have you back.

Besides being an inspirational figure, your coaching and motivational techniques have helped us win so many tournaments at the regional and national level and we continue to perform well. The players look up to you and feel even more confident when you are around. You insist on the importance of an all-round education and I think sports and academics should go together too. We hope you continue to offer your services and wisdom to the students and team members at Libertyville High School.

Thank you for your services.

Yours truly,

Nathan Mellow

Principal, Libertyville High School

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