Permission Letters

Child Travel Permission Letter


Dr. Hillary Grant

Grant Health Clinic & Childcare Centre

E-16, Tenth floor

Chesterfield, Derbyshire

6 March 2012

Subject: child travel permission letter

Dear Dr. Grant

We are looking for your permission for our child to travel to New Zealand with us for the vocational trip. Our son who is 7 year old recently had an abdominal infection and he was admitted in your hospital for 5 days. After the proper medication and care from you, he recovered from that infection and got discharged on 25th February 2012.Now as we are planning for a trip and thus we are seeking your permission and advice for our son to travel to New Zealand with us.

I have enclosed all the reports along with the medication list for your perusal. We are giving him all the medicine prescribed by you. Please let us know if any other information is required from us.

Thanking you

Philip Klayton



Permission Letters

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