Permission Letters

Granting Permission Letter


Dr. Richard Clayton

Professor, West Midlands Institute of Music and Fine arts

B-34, Second floor

Birmingham, West Midlands

6 February 2012

Subject: granting permission letter

Dear Dr. David

In response to your letter dated on 2nd February, in which you had requested to make use of one of our music piece for a media presentation, we are granting you the permission to make use of that piece for the mentioned media presentation. We have heard a lot about your music classes and your dedication towards music. It gives us a great pleasure that a music lover like you will be making use of one of the music pieces created by our band group.

We have enclosed here the signed permission letter to make use of that music piece selected by you. In case you need any other document from our band group, please feel free to contact us for the same.

Thanking you

Kelley Helen

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