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Charity Letter Writing


Mr. Jose.


The general manager,

Winged NGO

Dear sir/madam,

This letter is being made to you in reply of the letter which your organization has made to me, requesting for charity help towards their cause. I, Mr. Jose, would want to make you aware of the fact that I am willing to provide all the possible help from my side. The prospectus which was enclosed with the letter which was made to me had given me ample knowledge of the initiative which the organization is contemplating to indulge in.

Considering all the features of this initiative, any person would be moved and would want to be a part of this movement. Not only the charity money, but I am also willing to get actively involved with your NGO, especially with the initiative for which I was approached. I shall consider other initiatives from your NGO as well. Hoping for a successful association between the two of us in the coming future,

Yours truly,

Mr. Jose

Jack Brown.

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