Charity Letters

Charity Appeal Letter


Jack Brown,

Golden hearts foundation


Mr. Stanley,

General Manager,

Association for girl child education

Dear Mr. Stanley,

This letter is being drafted for making an ardent appeal of a charity from your side. You are known to be a philanthropist who has helped a number of foundations and NGOs in their noble cause. Our organization, Golden hearts foundation, works to provide aid to those people who suffer from cardiac problems but are not able to treat these problems because of the cash crunch.

In the recent times, there have been a number of requests made to our organization seeking for the aid which we provide. The number of requests is so large in number that the organization is facing it difficult to cope up with them. We do not want to discourage even a single request as all have been made on genuine grounds. Hence, this humble appeal has been made to you for making us able to reach out to each and every person in need for help.

Yours truly,

Jack Brown.

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