Charity Letters

Charity Letter Example


Dom Kolinsky,

Trust manager,

Trust for Differently-able people.


Ms. Lewinsky,


Zolta Group.

Dear Ms. Lewinsky,

I, Dom Kolinsky, am writing this letter for making a plea on behalf our trust, Trust for differently-able people. The plea is for making the trust able to fulfil its task of making these differently-able people, self dependent. Your support means a lot for the trust and for all the people associated with the trust. If the charity from your side would come in the way it has been expected, then there is no stopping for the trust in its task.

Our trust has been associated with the education of the differently-able people for last 12 years and now it wants to take a step forward in making them self reliant by the way of starting small scale commercial projects which these people would be able to shoulder efficiently. The prospectus of our initiative is being enclosed along with this letter and we hope you extend your helping hand to our trust.

Yours truly,

Dom Kolinsky

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