Charity Letters

Charity Letters

The aim of a charity letter is to appeal to the readers’ compassion so that they can help you with your cause or mission.  You must try and do so in a manner that is not imposing or pushy.

To assure the reader about your credentials make sure to write charity letters on a letter-head.  You can start your letter with a brief introduction.  Explain clearly what kind of help you are looking for, from the reader.    It is a good idea to be specific, meaning whether you are looking for help in the form of time, services or money. Explain how the help would be beneficial to the affected parties.

You can also add credibility to your cause by quoting from past examples of how such help has proven beneficial.  Quote particular instances of how you have been able to help the affected parties.

The important thing while writing a charity letter is to get a response.  So, make the job easier by enclosing response cards or return envelopes.  It is also good to give a time-frame as this reemphasizes the seriousness of your issue.

It is imperative to thank the reader for the time and effort they have taken to pursue your letter.

Charity Letters

Charity Support Letter


Jane Howard

Managing Director

Times Consultancy Limited

45 Times Square

New York, New Jersey 2012

Dated: 12th of June 2012

Subject: Letter for charity support

Respected Miss. Howard,

This letter is to bring to your notice that we are organizing a charity event and we are looking forward to support from your end. We are aware that your organization makes lots of contribution towards social service for the betterment of the society.

The charity event that we are organizing is to provide residential facilities to old and neglected senior citizens of this country. The objective is to build an old age home where all these old people can stay and at the same time receive health care. We are group of college students who formed a group in order to do such charity events. This charity event requires lot of planning and there are number of expenses to be incurred. It would be great if you could help us financially in order to support this charitable cause. We are looking forward to a fund of $100000 that will help in completion of the old age home.

I believe that you would be eager to provide support to us.

Yours sincerely,

James Watt

Charity Letters

Charity Membership Letter


Dogs We Care,

23, Baskerville Road,

New Jersey,

12th August, 2012

Sub: Applying for the membership in your charity organization

Dear Members of Dogs We Care,

I wish to apply as a member in your respected charity. My name is Barry White and I am an avid dog lover. I have adopted 4 dogs of my own and would like to do much for the dogs of our community. Being a doctor myself, I understand that there are various medical needs that every dog should be attended too. I will be more than willing to help and contribute to such a noble cause.

I also wish to bring in members who might be able to help by providing donations and other services which will benefit the dogs and your charity as well. I respect and admire your work and would like to add on. I have several veterinary contacts that can help provide free services and check ups for rescued dogs. It is important that we think of the canine world as much as we think of ourselves. If I become a member, I will ensure that I contribute to the betterment of the canine community.

Please consider my request.

Yours faithfully,

Barry White,

4, Maryland Street,

New Jersey.

Charity Letters

Charity Event Sponsor Letter


Alwen Ben

Managing Director,

Gas Garments Limited

34 Pin Drum Street

North Dakota, South Carolina 7521

Dated: 7th of May 2012

Subject: Letter for charity event sponsorship

Respected Mr. Ben,

I would like to introduce our nonprofit organization, All Purpose Charity as an organization specializing in organizing charity events. This to bring to your notice that we are organizing a charity events for flood victims of Burma on 15th of May 2012 and looking forward to sponsorship for the vent.

Recently floods in Burma have affected the residents of the country a lot. Lots of people have lost their lives and number of houses and properties has been destroyed. As a result the country and the victims are in a financial crisis. Thus is order to raise donation money for these victims we are organizing a charity event. The charity event will have singers and dancers from different parts of the country performing. In order to organize the charity event we will have to incur lots of expenses. It would be great if you could provide us with sponsorship so that we can meet the expenses and organize the charity event.

We are expecting a positive response from your end.


Dan Bread

All Purpose Charity

Charity Letters

Charity Introduction Letter


Neil Arm Strong

Morgan Corporate Consultancy Limited

32 Yankee Doodle Street

Thames City, Wisconsin 4590

Dated: 4th of June 2012

Subject: Letter for charity introduction

Respected Mr. Arm Strong,

This is to bring to your notice that we are planning a charity event on 4th of July, American Independence day. We are organizing an event for sale of handmade products by residents of Poor African countries who are struggling with hunger and health related issues due to lack of finance.

The motive of this charity event is to bring financial relief to these underprivileged people and also to improve their living conditions. If they are able to earn money by selling products made by them they would be able to gain confidence and it will give them a hope to live a better life. I believe that you also believe in the charity the way we do and pass on the information to your employees so that they attend it. We are also approaching other corporate houses to encourage their employees to take part in the event and buy these hand made products.

I hope you keep our request and help us in contributing to this noble cause.


Nathan Lane

All Type Charity Organization

Charity Letters

Charity Partnership Letter


Yale Armin

Relationship Manager

Cry and High Foundation

123 Tin Drum Street

New York, New Jersey 3489

Dated: 1st of August 2012

Subject: Letter for charity partnership

Respected Mr. Armin,

I would like to introduce ourselves as an organization whose motive is to contribute to the society by doing charity work. This is to bring to your notice that we have plans for two charity events and we are looking for a nonprofit organization for a charity partnership.

We are a newly formed organization so it is difficult for us to procure the needed finance required to organize the events. We also lack experience in this field. So it would be great if an organization like you who has immense experience in social service becomes our charity partner. The first event that we are planning is a painting competition for underprivileged children. The first three winners get an education scholarship. As your organization already deals with issues of orphan children, you would be able to help us. We believe that by working as charity partners we would also get to learn a lot.

We are looking forward to your response and assume that it will be a positive one.


Mike Myers

Relationship Manager

World Good Doing

Charity Letters

Charity Proposal Letter


Jane Fonda

Chief Executive Officer

Water Thomas Cooper Limited

56 Off Side Lane

Indiana, Oklahoma 3490

Dated: 3rd of June 2012

Subject: Letter for charity proposal

Respected Mrs. Fonda,

This is to bring to your notice that we are organizing a charity event for orphan children. We will be organizing the event on 15th of June 2012 at Times Ball Hall located at 45 In Side Street,  Indiana, Oklahoma 8976.

We are a nonprofit organization organizing charity events every year to help the needy and the poor. We felt that orphan children are the most underprivileged as there is no one to take care of them. Above that even if they are talented they have no scope to showcase their talent. So we have decided to organize and painting and creative writing competition for them. This is our way to show them that they can be loved and cared. This charity event will also help in boosting their confidence.

We would require sponsors for this program, so I would request you to help us with the sponsorship by providing financial help.  I believe that you all find this charity event a noble cause and would like to contribute.


Norman Creed

Public Relations Manager

Help Foundation

Charity Letters

Charity Underwriting Letter


Mr. Matthew Haul

Executive Director

Hougen Group of Companies                                                                            Date: 5th July, 2012


Edinburgh, United Kingdom

EH15 7SE

Subject: Requesting for underwriting a charity show on behalf of “Center of Autism”

Dear Sir,

We would like to take the opportunity to inform you that our organization is stepping on its 25th year of serving the mankind. This letter is being solicited for the purpose of requesting you to underwrite the charity show on behalf of our organization on this occasion.

In this occasion, we would like to enlighten the society regarding Autism and wants to arrange the few programs in an inspiring way so that it helps in bringing positive experiences for the children suffering from this disease.

We would remain highly obliged if you kindly take the initiative of underwriting this charity program on our 25th anniversary. All the underwriters would be acknowledged with a tribute by the children of our organization.

Therefore, we would earnestly request you to share this pride by being an underwriter. Please note the below-mentioned dates:

Last date of registration as an Underwriter: 20th July, 2012

Last date of receiving funds: 5th August, 2012

Looking forward to your early reply.

Thanking you,

Steve Roger


Center of Autism

Lochside Crescent, Edinburgh

EH13 8SE

Charity Letters

Charity Reference Letter


Glenn Eagles

Public Relations Manager

Oscar Charity Services Organization

76 Tango Charlie Road

Texas, Florida 2345

Dated: 21st of June 2012

Subject: Reference letter for charity

Respected Mr. Eagles,

This letter is in regards to the requirement for volunteers by your organization in order to do charity work on behalf of your nonprofit organization. This is to bring to your notice that I would like to refer Ben Spoon as a volunteer for your organization.

Ben has been involved in various kinds of charity work since last five years. He has worked for our NGO for a project to raise awareness about AIDS in African countries. In that project, he has travelled with us to remote villages in Nigeria, Kenya and Zimbabwe. He has interacted with patients over there and helped us in setting up medical camps.  He has been very courteous and never complained a single time though we had to stay in make shift medical camps. He is very polite in nature and feels for the betterment for the society.

I can assure you that he will be a very good volunteer who knows how to take responsibilities and execute them. I request you to take him as a volunteer.


Elvis Presley

Charity Letters

Charity Rejection Letter


Joseph Mathews

ABC Charitable Trust

B 35, Sunshine Building,

Park Street

Canes Island, Florida

20th Feb 2012

Subject: Unable to fund your charitable trust

Dear Mr. Mathews,

This letter is being written as a rejoinder to your application in which you had requested for donation for your charitable trust. In your application, you had mentioned that you require fund to provide assistance to the poor children. We went through the details and came to know that you intend to provide food and shelter to these students and are also aiming to give free education to them.

However, this time we would not be able to help you out in this noble cause as our organization has already exceeded the charity funding limit for this fiscal year.

We really apologize for this time and hope that you receive funds from other sources and are able to help the poor.


Jennifer Johnson

XYZ Company Pvt Ltd.