Charity Letters

Charity Rejection Letter


Joseph Mathews

ABC Charitable Trust

B 35, Sunshine Building,

Park Street

Canes Island, Florida

20th Feb 2012

Subject: Unable to fund your charitable trust

Dear Mr. Mathews,

This letter is being written as a rejoinder to your application in which you had requested for donation for your charitable trust. In your application, you had mentioned that you require fund to provide assistance to the poor children. We went through the details and came to know that you intend to provide food and shelter to these students and are also aiming to give free education to them.

However, this time we would not be able to help you out in this noble cause as our organization has already exceeded the charity funding limit for this fiscal year.

We really apologize for this time and hope that you receive funds from other sources and are able to help the poor.


Jennifer Johnson

XYZ Company Pvt Ltd.

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