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Ben Miller

62/90, Seaside Apartments,

Park Street

Austin, Texas

20th Feb 2012

Subject: Unable to provide donation as per your request

Dear Mr. Miller,

I am writing this letter in response to your letter requesting for donation for your charitable trust. I was given to understand that this time you are helping the flood victims. We know that there has been a huge destruction due to the flood in various cities in and around Texas and are really keen on helping those who have suffered because of this.

However, we are going through a financial crisis at the moment and even though we wish to provide assistance to you, we would not be able to offer any monetary help. We have always been at forefront when it comes to helping charitable trusts such as yours. But, I really apologize for this time.

Please accept our apologies once again for not being able to provide any assistance this time.


Charlotte Johns

ABC Pvt Ltd.


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