Charity Letters

Charity Letters

The aim of a charity letter is to appeal to the readers’ compassion so that they can help you with your cause or mission.  You must try and do so in a manner that is not imposing or pushy.

To assure the reader about your credentials make sure to write charity letters on a letter-head.  You can start your letter with a brief introduction.  Explain clearly what kind of help you are looking for, from the reader.    It is a good idea to be specific, meaning whether you are looking for help in the form of time, services or money. Explain how the help would be beneficial to the affected parties.

You can also add credibility to your cause by quoting from past examples of how such help has proven beneficial.  Quote particular instances of how you have been able to help the affected parties.

The important thing while writing a charity letter is to get a response.  So, make the job easier by enclosing response cards or return envelopes.  It is also good to give a time-frame as this reemphasizes the seriousness of your issue.

It is imperative to thank the reader for the time and effort they have taken to pursue your letter.

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