Cancellation Letters

DD Cancellation Letter


Mr. Jacobs,

Bank manager,

WAG co-operative bank.


Ms. Stella,

9728 account holder,

WAG co-operative bank.

Dear Ms. Stella,

I, Mr. Jacobs, the bank manger of the WAG co-operative bank, am writing this letter to make you aware of the fact that the DD submitted by you for saving to be made under the scheme of ‘Future Education’ has been cancelled. The reason behind the cancellation of the demand draft is that the bank account entered by you for the transaction regarding the demand draft is 9827 while you are the holder of the account which goes by the number 9728.

This letter has been drafted not only to make you known about this fact but also to make you aware that if the reviewing of conditions for the demand draft is not done within a period of 5 days, then the demand draft stands to be terminated. As for now, the demand draft has just been cancelled for processing and can resume its procedure when required amendments would be made.

Yours truly,

Mr. Jacobs

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