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Traditional Christmas Letter

Dear Bill,

I would like to commence this letter by wishing you Merry Christmas and a very happy and prosperous new year. You might be feeling lonely in this festive time since you areaway from your family and even away from your best buddies. However, things come and go, but always remember that your little sister will be on your side for everything. It would have been great had you been along with us. Nevertheless, enjoy the moment where you are relish on your Xmas cake.

We all miss your presence and hope for all sorts of happiness for you. You never tell us anything about your health. It was through John that we got to know that you have been struggling to get through the cold that you have contacted. Everything aside, take care and always remember that you have a very nice friend in the face of your little sister.

Your loving sister,


Title- father christmas letter

Dearest Dad,

Hope this letter finds you in the pink of the health. I am writing this letter for wishing you Merry X-MAS. May the New Year come with the fulfilment of all your dreams. You might wonder how come I haven’t demanded my gift as yet. But this is for the fact that God has already given me the best gift of my life by giving me the Best Dad in the world.

Hey dad, the university has decided to hold the examination two weeks prior as compared every year timings. This is to grant bigger holidays for the students to get rejuvenated. This means that I would get extra time to spend with you all. Tell Mom that my health is in pink and that I am all braced up for the term examination. How is my younger brother? Let me know about you all in the reply to this letter,

Your loving daughter,


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