Christmas Letters

Christmas Letter Example

Dear Stephan,

Let this letter find you in a very healthy state. This letter comes in for wishing you the best of everything this Christmas. The letter wishes ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS’ and a very ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR’ to you and your family. Let the New Year bring in the realisation of all the wishes which you had made for this Christmas. The hard work which you put in all the things which you indulge in and the dedication you carry towards all your tasks is very well known to all of us.

Let the Christmas bring in the fruits of all the hard work which you have yielded so far. The New Year shall bring in more opportunities for success and growth. This is what I wish you this Christmas. It is very unusual of talking an enclosure to a Christmas letter; but this letter is enclosed with a handmade Christmas card for you.

Your friend,


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