Charity Letters

Charity Letter For University


Mr James Gordon,

Minister for Education,

United Kingdom


Mr Sheldon,


Hilton University,


Dear Mr Sheldon,

I, Mr James Gordon, Minister for Education, United Kingdom, am drafting this letter on behalf of the ministry to convey appreciation for the excellent result which the university has produced this year. The ministry is aware of the fact that the university has been performing exceptionally well for nearly 5 years. Even the sports department of the university has flourished tremendously in the recent times.

The ministry wants to support the university to prosper at a better pace so that the future looks vivid for both the students as well as the university. The ministry wishes to donate certain amount for betterment of the sports parameter of the university. It is for this reason, that we invite you for further discussions on this matter and to result in favourable steps towards the betterment of education in the country. We are waiting for the reply from your side in this context.

Yours faithfully,

Mr James Gordon

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