Charity Letters

Charity Donation Letter Sample


Ms Granger,

E -2, Wellington Towers,

Blue Brick Street,



Mr Fudge,

Save the Trees NGO,


Dear Mr Fudge,

I am writing this letter to offer a modest support in the endeavour of your NGO to save trees and promote the importance of trees. The workshop which the NGO has organised in the last week made me aware of the relentless effort which you people put in for saving the precious gift of nature to mankind, trees.

Trees are so important to us and we are so much insensitive towards our approach towards them. I know you have better knowledge about this and have done your part for the welfare of the trees for such a long time. I wish to contribute my part by making a modest donation to the NGO. The letter enclosure has a demand draft in the name of the NGO. I hope the NGO accepts my charity and support. I would like to contribute my effort for the cause of the NGO sometime in future.

Yours sincerely,

Ms Granger

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