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Charity Letter For Relief Mission


Mr Marc,

D -3, wellington Drive,



Mr Benson,

D-5, wellington drive,


Dear Mr Benson,

I trust this letter finds you and your family in pink health. This letter has surfaced for inviting your support for the relief of the campaign which has been undertaken by the people of our locality. You may be aware of the unfortunate typhoon which hit our city when you were not in the town. By God’s grace, there has been no loss of any life in the locality. However, severe damage has been inflicted to the huge treasure worthy trees of our locality.

The authorities have many things at their hands and by the time they reach for replanting these trees, they would perish. It is for this reason that people from the locality took this onus on their shoulders. We have acquired the necessary permissions and the thing needed now is money support for the campaign. I hope this letter shall serve its purpose and you shall donate generously.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Marc

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