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Charity Letter For Medical Mission


Michael Taylor,

D -4, Privet Drive,



Mr Ford,

C -9, Privet Drive,


Dear Mr Ford,

This letter has come into effect for the purpose of putting forward a plea for donation at your disposal. We, children of Privet Drive, are organising a blood donation campaign in our locality. During our academic studies we came to know the fact that the blood requirement even in the elite hospitals of the city is not fulfilled up to the ideal mark. This can be alarming if an unfortunate calamity strikes our city.

The blood donation campaign which we are organising is aimed not only to collect blood for the city hospitals but also to educate people and make them aware about the importance of blood donation. We have acquired necessary permissions from the concerned authorities. The only things which we are falling short are funds. We, hereby, appeal you to grant us some donations for the culmination of the task which we have undertaken. We are hoping for your support.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Taylor

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