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Charity Letter For Medical Treatment


Mr Sprout,

C -2, Helix Circle,



Mr Marcus,

Help the Needy NGO,


Dear Mr Marcus,

This letter has been drafted in extreme desperation for seeking help. My son, Hulk, had been diagnosed with a malignant tumour behind his right ear. Doctors have intimated that he needs to be operated upon at the earliest. However, the sum required for operation is out of reach of my modest endeavour. My savings are humble since we lead a hand to mouth life and struggle to make up for daily bread and butter. Times have become harsh for me.

The condition of my son has started to deteriorate. My only hope rests on your NGO. I have come to know about the working of your NGO only a couple of days back and it has been a silver lightning of hope in the dark clouds of despair. I have enclosed the medical reports of my son along with the quotation of amount stated by the hospital. I need your support earnestly.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Sprout

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