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Charity Letter For Calamity Victims


Mr Gomes,


Whistling Winds Housing Society,



All Society Members,

Whistling Winds Housing Society,


Dear society members,

I, Mr Gomes, the chairperson for the Whistling Winds Housing Society, am drafting this letter to put forward an appeal towards all my fellow society members. The recent times have brought series of calamities for this city. Time has been kind that our society and all society members have evaded the harshness of these calamities. However, the city has suffered a lot. There are many who have got nothing left, neither family nor material achievements, left for them to live.

As a responsible citizen of the city, I appeal you all to come forward and make generous donations for the betterment of the lives of the calamity victims. This donation shall be awarded to Calamity Relief NGO. I am hopeful that everyone of this society will reflect his or her moral ethics and help to make the lives of the affected people, better. Hoping for your support in the cause,

Yours honestly,

Mr Gomes

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