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Charity Letter For Foundation


Mr Jonathan,

Educate All NGO,



Mr William,

William Villa,


Dear Mr William,

I, Mr Jonathan, am drafting this letter to urge for your support for our foundation, Educate All. Educate All is an NGO which works for providing education to those who cannot afford them because of their modest living conditions. We not only help provide education to the needy; but we also organise seminars and workshops to spread the necessity of basic education so that every person tries to educate his family and himself.

We search for those teachers around the city who volunteer their services for effective teaching. Our foundation has been working for 2 years rigorously for this aim of Educating All. Now, time has come for the expansion of the platform for our work. For this purpose, we are in need of funds and I, hereby, appeal you to contribute your support through some generous donations. We are hopeful that this letter serves its purpose of achieving your support.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Jonathan

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