Charity Letters

Charity Letter for Association


Mr Pollard,

Avoid Female Foeticide NGO,



Human Resource Development Ministry,


Dear sir/ madam,

This letter has come into effect as a plea for the support from the ministry for our association, Avoid Female Foeticide NGO. The ministry is well aware of the steep rise in the female foeticide in the country. We need to put in a collective effort to root out this inhuman practice from our society. Our association, Avoid Female Foeticide NGO, works for educating the people about the rights of a girl child so that they realise the importance of a girl child, the incentives and help given for the thriving of the girl child in the country and how people become criminals not only legally but even morally for culminating such a inhuman deed of female foeticide.

Our association seeks some donations and support from the ministry so that our efforts can be made to reach the corners of the country and can eradicate this crime thoroughly from the country.

Yours honestly,

Mr Pollard

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