Charity Letters

Charity Letter for College


Mr Armstrong,

D -2, Hudson Boulevard,



Mr Helix,


Imperial College of Higher Studies,


Dear Mr Helix,

I, Mr Armstrong, am writing this letter to put forward a donation plea for welfare of the college. I have been an alumnus of this college and the teachings and the learning from this college has laid the foundation of my career and my life, on a whole. I wish to contribute some money for the welfare of the college as a part of the appreciation my heart feels for what I have acquired from this college.

Education is one of the basic necessities in today’s life and if the school education helps to explore the talent in a child then the college education helps to sharpen this talent and make him self-dependent. The college has been doing so for such a long period of time and it has to constantly adapt to the changing customs and approach in the education field. I wish that my donation helps college to adapt efficiently.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Armstrong

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