Charity Letters

Charity Letter for old Age Center


Mr Jonathan,

C -2, Harrison Heights Apartments,

Woodstock lane,



Mr Ford,

‘Happy House’ old age home,


Dear Mr Ford,

This letter has been drafted to put forward a proposal of donation for the old age home. I came to know about this old age home through my grandfather. The excellent service which the old age home provides to all the elderly people there has been one of the most often discussed topics between me and my grandfather.

The old age home management is doing an excellent job and I wish for eternal continuity of their endeavour. Elderly people are a gem for the society because of the sheer experience they have acquired of all the different things around them for so many years. I wish comfort for these elderly people and for better comfort and better living conditions; I wish to donate some amount. I am hopeful that the old age home shall accept this donation. I am expecting a favourable and quick response in this context from your side.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Jonathan

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