Certification Letters

Certification Letter for Medical Records

Tom Peterson

2/39, Trance Apartments

Park Street

Austin, Texas

17th Feb 2012

To whomsoever it may concern

This is to certify that Mr. Tom Peterson has undergone all the medical tests and is found to be fit both physically and mentally. He is not suffering from any disease. Mr. Peterson can indulge in any kind of physical activity.

In order to be doubly sure about his health, I have taken a second opinion from Dr. A. Paul of ABC Hospital. He has examined Mr. Peterson, gone through all his reports and shared that he is fit to handle various tasks. However, given his age we have suggested him to start taking certain vitamin and calcium supplements in order to maintain his health.

It is also recommended that he undergoes a health check-up every six months. This is essential to diagnose any disease that may arise in future.

Thanks and Regards,

Dr. R. Johnson

Holy Child Hospital

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