Proposal Letter

Proposal Letters

A proposal letter is a type of business cover letter attached along with a formal business proposal.  It aims to persuade and convince the reader to accept the proposal presented in detail.

It is best to begin your proposal letter by introducing yourself and your company.  Then set forth to explain how you can best tackle the problem.  It is also good to give an overview of the proposal, by giving a gist of the most important information including estimated cost and time-frame.

Though your aim is to convince the reader about your proposal, make the reader/the company your focus.  Elaborate how the suggested proposal would benefit them.  Back it up with researched facts.  Quote or give references of similar work you have undertaken.

Use only proven facts and figures as there is no place for flowery language and false promises here.  The letter must sound sincere and convincing without sounding fake and conniving.

As you are concluding the letter offer to fix up an appointment for personal meeting.  This would help pursue the idea in person, and the reader would be persuaded to take action.

Proposal Letter

Proposal Letter Format

Dear Mr. Tierry,

On January 12-14, 2010, our charitable organization will be conducting a seminar for real estate brokers regarding the status of the real estate in the state of California. The there-day seminar will be held in one of the prestigious hotel hall in Los Angeles.

As the head of this meaningful event for our real estate brokers I decided to provide the participants with sumptuous food so they will totally enjoy while learns the real estate industry of this progressive state. These foods will cost us a lot that we need for sponsors.

It is for this reason that I would like to propose to you to become of this event’s sponsors. In return, you will be given the opportunity to advertise your company to the venue for the entire seminar days.

I do hope for your positive response on this matter. Thank you and God bless!

Truly yours,

Mr. Williamson

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Proposal Letter

Proposal Letter For Funding

Dear Mr. Jordan,

Good day!

I write to you because our group, a non-profit and charitable organization that advocates concerns to our environment, would like to stage a tree-planting program in the woods of our town.

We have already found a site where we could plant our trees and we have already coordinated to the local government unit in our area. What hinders us however is our payment to get those young trees to plant and foods to distribute to the participants of these wonderful event.

It is for this reason that I write to you and is proposing if you can aid us in our financial fund and in return we will include your company’s name in one of the sponsors of the event. You can post your company’s streamers and posters to the site and to our headquarters as well.

I am hoping for your positive reply on this matter. Thank you and more power to you!

Truly yours,

Mr. Benedict Y. Frett

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Proposal Letter

Proposal Letter For Business

Dear Ms. Aireen,

Good day!

I write to you to propose for business collaboration between your group and my company. I have heard so much about your organization and your advocacy of youth empowerment. My proposal is simple and I believe that you cannot simply refuse this because this is such a great opportunity for both of our interests.

I am talking about sponsoring t-shirts to your members during activities that bears the name of your organization and my company. Your advocacy matches my line of products. This will be great because imagine your advocacy for your empowerment and my brand of clothing. I suggest printing your expressions to my t-shirt designs. This is such a good business collaboration of epic proportion.

I really hope for your confirmation of this proposal and let us join hands to push your advocacy for the benefit of the youth of today. Thank you and God Bless!

Truly yours,

Mr. Jerry Benetton

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Proposal Letter

Proposal Cover Letter

Dear Mr. Johnson,

Please be informed that our company, Petterson and Petterson Inc., is offering you a business proposal that we believe will save both our business during today’s global economic crisis.

The business proposal that I am referring are attached here together with the feasibility study of the project and the list of other parties involved.

It is such a hard time to survive with these financial difficulties that we have to think of great options to stay in the business and to finally come out victorious after this devastating crisis at hand. This proposal have been carefully studied and considered several possibilities. The project is huge that many has been interested upon my presentation of the proposal.

I have nothing to say as the proposal attached here explains everything but I really do hope for your positive response on this matter. This proposal is still confidential and is not shown to the media as of the moment.

Thank you and God bless!

Truly yours,

Mr. Roger L. Petterson

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Proposal Letter

Proposal Rejection Letter

Dear Mr. Hanks,

I am sorry to tell you that our Board of Directors have rejected your proposed business project to the company.

I have read your proposal and together with the other member of the Board of Directors, we discussed, deliberate, consider all possibilities and risks involved and after contemplation majority of us decided to reject it. It is not that we don’t like your proposal but there are things that are not compatible to our company goals. We consider to try other things but it will affect the entire business proposal.

I know that it is such a huge business proposal and offer wonderful points however the Board has decided collectively. I am sorry but I do wish that you continue making bright projects that we can finally accept. We might someday become partner after another try.

Thank you and God bless!

Truly yours,

Mr. Gerry S. Roth

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Proposal Letter

Writing A Proposal Letter

Dear Aron,

Good day!

I write to you to inform you that I come up with a wonderful idea of building a computer assisted dress organizer. I have this concept and started to create a plan on how to achieve such an innovative concept.

I know that my idea will be big as there is yet no other person ever attempted to create it. To do this there is only one problem and that is I don’t have enough financial resources to put my concept into reality.

This is the very reason why I write to you. I would like to offer a proposal to you that if you assist me financially with this project we will share the recognition of creating it and share any profit that we might gain from selling this to the market.

I know that you have the financial capability and I do hope that you will say yes for this. Thank you.

Truly yours,

Mr. Albert E. Bell

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Proposal Letter

Business Proposal Cover Letter

Dear Mr. Ramsay,

Please be informed that I have attached here a business proposal letter that I believe you cannot simply refuse.

This business proposal is so huge that I want you to be the first to consider it. You are the first one that I have made this proposal offered and I am sure that you will take a deep look of this great project.

This business proposal have been carefully made and studied. There are so many things that are considered here and every positive aspects of the study have boiled down to this one great business proposal.

This proposal is considered confidential and none except the creators of this study know this. I offered this to you because I believe in your strong dedication to excel in any interest and your big influences to the people in our society. With the use of your help we can make this project a very wonderful and successful one.

I am hoping for your positive reply on this matter. Thank you.

Truly yours,

Mr. Alex Bennoit

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Proposal Letter

Sponsorship Proposal Letter

Dear Mr. Talmod,

Good day sir!

On February 8, 2010 our school will be conducting an educational tour to the Asian countries. We will visit some of the historical places in Japan, Korea, China, The Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Hongkong and in Malaysia. This tour is intended for the students to open its awareness to the Asian culture and its tie with the western countries.

During the tour we will be wearing t-shirts that will bear the name of our school and some sponsors. We will be conducting an educational lecture to their local communities so that our students will be able to share their knowledge to the people in these countries. Our tour will cost us a lot that we need some sponsors to cover our expenses.

I is for this reason that I write to you sir. We are proposing if you can donate financial assistance to us, we will be able to include your company’s name to our t-shirt designs. This will in turn advertise your products to these Asian countries as well.

I do hope you would accept our proposal. Thank you.

Truly yours,

Mr. John Perry

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Proposal Letter

Counter Proposal Letter

Dear Ms. Stockton,

Good day!

I acknowledge receipt of your business proposal to the company and I have forwarded it to the Board of Directors for decision.

After a week of deliberations and confirmations, we have seen several points where the company finds it not satisfied to accept it just yet. As a result we offer to you our counter proposal to your business idea.

The counter proposal includes the following terms:

  1. The name of our company in the streamers should be bigger than your original proposed size.
  2. We should use the color of our company which is yellow instead of blue.
  3. We will shoulder the transportation and food expenses provided that you advertise our companies at all opportunities for six months.
  4. Our company’s name shall be introduced first before any other sponsors.
  5. You assign one coordinator in our company

Please consider our counter proposals and we shall sign the contract should you accept this. Thank you and God bless!

Truly yours,

Mr. Peter Manning

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Proposal Letter

Sales Proposal Letter

Dear Mr. Joseph,

I write to you because I would like to propose to buy your corner lot in East Nevada Avenue and Jerry Tyler Road in Minneapolis City. I would like to buy it for $1,000,000.00, One million dollars in cash plus I will be the one to shoulder the transfer tax.

I heard that you want to sell such lot for $ 900,000.00 and I am offering you more than this amount because I am very much interested to own it. The lot next to your property is already transferred to my name and I will be very glad and great in my part if you sell your lot to me so I can expand and develop it further.

I have a great plan to make that area a wonderful place for our local residents and it will only be a reality if I have a bigger lot to start with.

Should you accept my offer I will be glad to receive your call. Thank you.

Truly yours,

Mr. Bob Schaffer

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Proposal Letter

Marriage Proposal Letter

My Lovely Lady,

Good day honey!

I write to you because I would like to express my undying and unconditional love. It is this love that keeps me going to this wonderful life. It is this love that I have conquered all the obstacles in my life and it is this love that brings me closer and deeper to you.

How chaotic and valueless is my life without you. You are the purpose of my living, the reason of my morning and the hope of my evening. You are the blossom flower of my garden, the white clouds in my heaven and the warm fire in my winter. My day is dull and plain without seeing your smile in the morning. My night is cold and dreary without hearing your voice which is fairy and glossy. How wonderful it is to express my love to you every day.

To end my dreaming I want to put it into reality. Will you marry me?

Forever loving you,


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Proposal Letter

Proposal Letter

Dear Mr. Merk,

I write to you because I would like to offer you a business proposal that I believe you cannot refuse. I am talking about merging of our companies to give the customers the best service they need and to give scare to other companies.

I have contemplated on this idea for several nights and I believe it is viable. I looked into several factors and considerations. Some of them are the list below:

  • Your company and my company have the same stockholders.
  • We offer different services yet can be combined to create a much bigger and offer unique and complete services.
  • We almost have the same capital and expenditures.
  • I have also considered our assets that we could use if we will merge into one good company.

Attached here is the complete and more detailed feasibility study and project proposal for your reference. I do hope that you will consider this matter. Thank you.

Truly yours,

Mr. Green

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Proposal Letter

Proposal Letter Template

Dear Mr. Peter;

On December 23, our organization will be holding a Christmas Bonanza for the residents of our city. The event will be highlighted by raffle draws winning the lucky winner a top of the line sports utility vehicle. The event will need sponsors to shoulder the promotional and price award expenses.

It is for this reason that I am writing to you to become one of the sponsors in this wonderful event. Our organization will be glad to accept you company’s sponsorship in any amount that you could offer.

In return to your valuable support, you will be given a privilege as a sponsor to post your company streamers advertising your products and a booth to display your product.

I am hoping for your positive response on this matter and hope that you will be able to take part in this meaningful event.

Truly yours,

Mr. Steve Daly

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Proposal Letter

Sample Proposal Letter


Orion Smith,

Business Development Department,

World-One Realities Ltd.,

New York 577882


Harry Louis,

Directors Department,

World-One Realities Ltd.,

New York 577882

Dear Sir,

I consider this time as the right one to have a proposal ready and to be presented to you on our new business strategy.  Since top management and I have noticed that there has been major boost in real estate prices in the region of New Jersey, I would like to have one of our new projects coming up in New Jersey itself.  The location has witnessed good amount of inquires as well as spurt in sales figure since past 9 months now.  I, therefore, think that we need to have immediate implementation towards this direction.  I have got all the necessary information as well as documents ready for you to go through and come to a final conclusion wherein our company will benefit with handsome results.

I will surely bring more information to you if there is any such need before our tentative meeting on this.  I hope to get in touch with you on this proposal as soon as you take further steps to execute it.

Yours Sincerely,

Orion Smith

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Proposal Letter

Investment Proposal Letter


Drake Joy


Mrs. Aiereen,


GTC couriers

Dear Mrs. Aireen,

This letter has been drafted in reference to your advertisement in the ‘daily Newspaper’ dated on 26 February. We are a firm which specialises in providing the products with particular embossed requirements from our clients. We, hereby, make a proposal of a business of providing caps and other related accessories to the staff of your courier firm. As per the indications in your advertisement, we have a considerable experience of this job and have successfully done it for several firms. All our assignments have been totally satisfying for all our clients and hence we assure you the same satisfaction.

Besides the name of your firm, we can even design a logo which can be found on all the caps and accessories. We hope to find that this proposal strikes a perfect chord with the requirements of your firm and we are contemplating for a healthy business relationship in the coming future.

Yours truly,

Drake Joy.

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Investment Contracts

Proposal Letter

Event Sponsorship Proposal Letter


Kevin Leads


The manager,

Young Hearts Foundation

Dear sir/ madam,

This letter is in response to the letter made from your side for a sponsorship for one of the events of your organisation, Young Hearts Foundation. The prospect of the event has made me sit on the edge of the seat and I am more than willing to be a part of the noble event. The sponsorship is confirmed from my side and the details can be finalised as soon as you get ready with the paper work. Besides the current event in consideration, I would like to be a part of the intent of your organisation of giving a helpful hand to the needy at the times they need the most.

I wish to sponsor more events, given the condition that the entire event should be well organised. The future sponsorship contemplation will be on the basis of the performance I get to see for current event. So, All the Best

Yours faithfully,

Kevin Leads.

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Proposal Letter

Company Proposal Letter


Mr. Pouch


Ms. Stella,


Construction department,

Victor construction

Dear Ms Stella,

I, Mr. Pouch, am writing this letter as a proposal to provide construction materials to your construction company. The construction material firm, which we handle, may be new to the construction world; but I can assure you the best of the service which the construction company of yours would have always desired of. The materials which we provide for the construction purpose is of the finest quality and there is no scope of compromise in the material quality.

Moreover, the rate at which you would be made available of this fine quality construction material is among the most competent rates in the market. The combination of the quality of the construction material which we provide and the rate at which it is being made available is a rare offer and I hope your construction company shall grab this proposal. Hoping for a healthy business relationship coming soon in the future,

Yours truly,

Mr Pouch.

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Proposal Letter

Bank Proposal Letter


Mr Paul,

Human Resource officer,

ICUC bank ltd


Mrs. Allen,


City Business school

Dear Mrs Allen,

I, Mr Paul, am writing this letter to propose you the placement deal from our banking firm. Your business school has been one of the reputed one in the city and hence we are intending to build this deal. The dark days of recession have not started seeing the light of resurgence and we are facing a crunch in the staff. This has resulted in the need for getting more and more business knowing individuals into the banking firm on a regular basis. Our bank is on an expanding mode and now the bank is going to need the new recruitment to be done on a regular basis.

This proposal is to enter into a recruitment deal for a period of five years. The term and conditions of the deal shall be discussed in person. The only intent to write this proposal letter is to make clear our thoughts regarding the deal.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Paul

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Proposal Letter

Proposal Letter to Offer Services


99, Carlton Hill,

Herne Bay ,

Kent ,



Main Rd,

Workington ,

Cumbria ,

CA14 1TR

This is to submit a proposal letter to offer services as detailed under :




The above services will be offered at a very moderate fee that will be quite affordable for you. Further our services are quite reliable and dependable that will bring lot of benefits for you. Upon receipt of your call or an order to give you services, our staff will be attending to your requirement and will provide complete benefiting and satisfactory services to you.

Our client list includes some of the old customers who have partnered in giving the best services. We are sure you will also be more interested in taking our services as new customers and we appreciate your initiativeness.

We are enclosing a brochure of our services which will give you an idea about a view about our services. Please call us or mail us your reply and we will be glad to reply to you.

We thank you for this opportunity and we look forward to hear from you.

Proposal Letter

Proposal Letter to a Friend


43, Park Rd,

Aldeburgh ,

Suffolk ,

IP15 5EN



Mount Rd,

Leek ,

Staffordshire ,

ST13 6NQ

This is a proposal letter inviting you to give your permission to attend a party in the next week which will be arranged at our place.  There are many other friends who are attending and participating in this party and it will be a very good event. We are sure you would like to take part in this and draw the best entertainment.

As you know, exams are fast approaching and there would be no time for us to exchange communication and keeping this fact in view, this will be a get-together  and this is a good opportunity to participate.

You can bring any snacks or entertainment gadgets to the party and join us. I will introduce you to all our friends and you can join the party.

Give your approval to this proposal of the party either by mail or by phone and we will include your name in the list of members who are attending the party.




Proposal Letter

Proposal Letter

Proposal Letter to a Principal



Whitehouse Rd,

Doncaster ,

South Yorkshire ,

DN11 8EQ


19, Perryfield Rd,

Crawley ,

RH11 8AA


Our class students total numbering 60 are planning to visit a company that offers practical view about industries. This company is near to our school and we are seeking your permission through this letter to grant us one day leave to attend and visit the industry.

The management of industry has issued a permission letter to our students to visit the industry and to take a good view about its production and management. Many students are showing good interest and also would like to work on new projects in the near future period of time.

Upon receiving your permission, we will be visiting the industry and after our visit, we will submit a visit report to your office as to how we have received benefits from this industrial visit.

A couple of teachers are also accompanying us for support and guidance.

We thank you for this opportunity to write to you and we look forward for your early permission on this proposal.

Proposal Letter

Proposal Letter to a Client

Newton Grange,

26 Southward Lane,

Swansea ,



323, Tavistock Rd,

Plymouth ,

Devon ,



This is a proposal letter about a new product that we are launching into the market and as per our in-house research, we have found that it is proposed to give a very good response from the consumers.

So, we would like you to accept this proposal to market our newly launched product and work on our behalf. In your city currently there are no such products but we understand that there is good demand for this product.

As per our research, we are sure that you will be successful in marketing this product and you will receive positive feedback from the consumers.

We are enclosing samples for your immediate view and also literature that can help to take a view about the usability and benefits of the product.

Please call us or mail us and give your approval about this product proposal so that we can proceed further.

Proposal Letter

Proposal Letter to a Company


Cross Lane,

Wadhurst ,

East Sussex ,



56 Morrab Road,

Penzance ,

TR18 4EP


This is to submit a proposal to your company about a suitable job. Having received excellent education and work experience from reputed organization, I have found that your company offers excellent prospects to the job seekers who wish to grow with your organization.

While working for your organization is not only a great asset, it will also prove valuable for enhancing my personal career and growth for a future period of time.

Keeping this important fact in view, I am enclosing herewith a copy of my resume for your immediate reference and please give your approval so that I can immediately join your organization and will start giving services to you.

My proposal is that I am willing to accept any job position you offer and I will be working to the best of my abilities.

Kindly call me or mail for any clarifications and queries and I will surely give prompt response to you.

Proposal Letter

Proposal Letter for Training


60 Brownsea View Avenue,

Poole ,

BH14 8LQ


18, Broomfield Rd,

Kidderminster ,

Worcestershire ,

DY11 5PB


This is to submit proposal letter for training to attend training prior to the joining of organization. This training period will last for a period of one month in which I will be able to learn many important issues about my performance in job.

Attending this training is really important for me. Because, this training will provide both an overall view and an indepth knowledge about my job and it will surely be a great benefit for me to excel in my career and profession.

Enclosing the literature and brochure of the training which will provide information for you about the training and you will also get an overall view about the training being offered.

Kindly give your approval to attend the program and it will be a very good opportunity for me to extend the benefits received at the training.

Thanking you and looking forward to receive your approval at an early date..


Proposal Letters

Proposal Letter

Proposal Letter for Project


Abbeyfield House,

Union St, Clitheroe ,

Lancashire ,



Taunton ,

Somerset ,



Submitting herewith a proposal letter for project and this project is being taken up with a concept to work on new ideas using innovation as the main theme.

I am herewith submitting a detail project profile as to how this project will be scheduled in its program and how it will be carried out. There are details of team members who will be active working on this project.

So please go through the project profile and give your concurrence and decision so that we can proceed further in taking up this project and further to achieve the completion of the project successfully.

All the team members of the project are quite experienced in working on each detail, and I am sure we will deliver good project to the organization which will be useful and benefiting to the objectives and goals of the organization.

Kindly give your approval and permission to continue and proceed further.

Proposal Letter

Proposal Cover Letter Template


7, Rectory Avenue,

High Wycombe ,

Buckinghamshire ,

HP13 6HN



Hawarden Rd,

Wrexham ,

Clwyd ,

LL12 9NH

Enclosing herewith my resume for a suitable position in your company. I possess excellent work experience in your industrial area and also has good expertise in accepting new projects and successful completion of the projects.

Given an opportunity to work for you, it will be a great privilege for me and I shall surely attend to the duties and responsibilities promptly and will report to the management quite promptly and in good faith.

I am also confident that my experience will surely meet your requirement and I shall work to the best of my abilities always contributing to the growth and development of the company.

Please call or mail for any clarification or verification and I shall surely reply to you. It would also be a great opportunity to attend an interview with you to discuss and to know more about your organization.

Thanking you and looking forward to hear from you.

Proposal Letter

Job Proposal Letter


78 Shelford Road,

Nottingham ,

NG12 1AW


1-2, Park Rd,

Penarth ,

South Glamorgan ,

CF64 3BD


I am very glad to have received the job proposal from your organization and I hereby offer myself for giving the best services to your organization.

I am confident that I can perform and excel in all the areas of my job giving the best delivery of services. Thank you for the guidance and support given to me at the time of our conversation and I assure you about perfect services.

The salary and other emoluments are excellent for me and I shall surely put my efforts in the right direction to complete the tasks given while working in your organissation.

Further I shall surely abide by the terms and policies of your organization and will follow the norms of company as amended from time to time.

The position offered is acceptable to me and I shall surely deliver professional services always.

I am hereby enclosing a copy of proposal letter duly signed as a token of my acceptance.

Thanking you once again,

Proposal Letter

Proposal Letter from Students



Drayton High Road,

Norwich ,

Norfolk ,



166, Church St,

Wallasey ,

Merseyside ,

CH44 8AL


As we have already discussed, we are submitting herewith our proposal for your approval. We are attaching herewith a collection of list of ideas for your approval.

Upon receiving your approval, we will choose and start working on the new projects. As all the students are quite enthusiastic to work on different projects, to start and work on the new project.

This proposal will surely be a very successful project as there are many students who wish to participate and prove talent. Further this program will encourage many new students to take up new tasks and complete successfully.

Upon your approval of the proposal, we will go ahead and will further work on successful completion of the tasks.

Further this will offer a very good work experience to all the students who wish to learn about project work and also to learn many new things.

Looking forward for your positive reply.


Proposal Letter

Racing Sponsorship Proposal Letter


Nicholas Champ,


Liverhaul Company,

#7, St Albans,


London, AL3

16th May 2011

Subject: Letter for racing sponsorship

Dear Mr. Nicholas,

I am hereby writing this letter to you to seek corporate sponsorship for the racing event that I am participating on 31st May 2011. To Tell you about myself I have been associated with racing for the past five years and so far won championship three times during this period. I plan to donate the funds raised from the event for the treatment of cancer patients. As a result of my successful racing history even you will benefit a lot as a corporate sponsor. I request you to sponsor the event along with free banners and merchandise and we assure to provide you with prime slots for the same.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and hope you will find this opportunity worthy of support.


John Grieveson,

Racing Champion.

Proposal Letter

Bid Proposal Letter


Catherine Holland,


Ashton Company Ltd,

#13, Birmingham,

West Midlands,

London – B13

01st Jan 2012

Subject: Proposal Letter for the Bidding process

Dear Ms. Catherine,

I am hereby pleased to write to you in response to the proposal of your company seeking bids on sale of used computers by your company. As we ware starting a new office, we have a requirement for used computers apart from the existing computers that we already have. We are interested in buying the used computers and enclosing our bid proposal with details of price per unit and other terms of purchase.

I am sure that you will find our bid proposal most reasonable and the best offer amongst other bid offers. We have arrived at the bid price keeping in view the age of the computers and actual condition apart from the brand and model of the computers.

Please inform your acceptance of the bid proposal made by company to help start the subsequent process.

Yours truly,

Isaac George,


Stockholm Investments.

Proposal Letter

Work Proposal Letter


Gareth             Simon,

Simon Infrastructure Ltd,

#23, Hull,

North Humberside,

London, HU-10

18th May, 2012

Subject: Letter for work proposal

Dear Mr. Gareth,

We are writing to you in respect of the infrastructure project that has been assigned to your company by the Government recently. It gives us immense pleasure to tell you about our company who are involved in taking up works contracts of such major infrastructure projects. We have been part of the bridges contract and completed it very well within the time frame and budget set by the parent company. Please find enclosed herewith all the details of the work proposal with detailed bifurcation of the works undertaken by us.

We assure you that the project will be a successful one if you give us an opportunity to work in it. We look forward to your decision and await for a positive response from your end to our work proposal.


Gary Christ,

Inson Contractors Ltd.

Proposal Letter

Real Estate Proposal Letter


Mr. Robert Erwin,

#32, Ballyclare,

County Antrim,

London, BT39

01st March, 2012

Subject: Proposal from real estate company with services offered

Dear Mr. Robert,

We are pleased to know that you have a property in the prime location of Stamford and are looking to develop or sell the property. To tell you about us we are a leading real estate company in your vicinity with expertise in buying, selling and development of prime locations like yours for the past five years. We are very reliable in terms of fulfilling our promise with regard to your property dealings and assure you with the best of service at all times.

You even take a look at the real estate projects that we have been involved earlier and certifications that we posses to give you an idea of our credibility. Also find enclosed our quotation along with this real estate proposal for your property that you wish to develop.

Looking forward to get an opportunity to serve you in future.

Yours truly,

Clarke Sidoth,

Manager- Projects,

Stamford Construction Company.

Proposal Letter

Restaurant Proposal Letter


Billy James,

#20, Buckhurst Hill,


London, IG9

12th Jan, 2012

Subject: Proposal to take property on lease for opening a Restaurant

Dear Mr. Billy,

We are writing to you in response of the advertisement given by you for leasing your property. We are a company in the hospitality business for the past ten years with branches in various cities. Now we wish to open a branch of our restaurant in your locality and find your premises ideal for opening a restaurant. The details of our restaurant proposal which enlists the terms of lease is enclosed along with this letter for you information.

We also request you to kindly give us your property on lease for a period of five years which will be again renewable for the next five years. We assure you that we will keep the premises in proper condition without any damage. We look forward to your positive reply in this regard at the earliest to help us complete the formalities necessary thereafter.

Yours truly,

Restaurant Incharge

Tasty Buds Restaurant Group.

Proposal Letter

Research Proposal Letter


Mr. Timothy Williams,

Head of Department-Physics,

Romford, Essex,

London University, RM3

8th June, 2011

Subject: Proposal to undertake research in your University

Dear Ms. Timothy,

I wish to take enrolment for the research scholarship program that is being offered by your prestigious University. I am a student of Physics and wish to undertake research in field of electro magnetic waves. This research is aimed at identifying use of electro magnetic waves in newer treatment methods used for cancer patients. In this regard I request you to kindly permit me to take up the research in the assigned field either alone or with other members in a team.

I have enclosed a research proposal for my study along with this letter for your kind perusal. It will be an honor to be associated with a renowned University like yours in undertaking my physics research project.

Your quick response in approval of the research proposal will be highly appreciated.

Thanking you in advance.

Mary Joseph

Proposal Letter

New Business Proposal Letter


Patricia Lewis,

Lewis Marketing Services,

#1, Belper,


London, DE56

06th May, 2012

Subject: Offer of new business proposal for marketing of computers sales

Dear Ms. Patricia,

It gives me immense pleasure to write to you with regard to the offer of marketing relationship with your company. We are expanding in the field of computer sales and are unable to undertake their marketing all by ourselves. We have heard a lot about your company and are keen on offering the dealership of marketing our computers to you. We want your company to undertake marketing activities right from devising the marketing to implementation of a proper strategy to improve sales. You can find enclosed a catalogue that gives description and price details of our products.

We hope to have a mutually beneficial business relationship with your company.

Looking forward to a positive reply from your end.

Thanking you in advance.

Yours truly,

Michele Ball.

Head – Marketing

Ball Computers Ltd.

Proposal Letter

Rent Proposal Letter


Mr. Brian Mathews,

#22, Fleetwood,


London, FY7

1st June, 2011

Subject: Letter for rent proposal

Dear Mr. Brian,

I am writing to you in response to your advertisement for renting your apartment in Lancashire. I am new to this city and will be staying here for the next 3 years on account of my job. I am looking for a decent place in your vicinity as it is close to my office and I do not have to spend a lot of time traveling. I am pleased with your apartment as it is a fully furnished apartment and will suit my needs aptly. I can take up all the necessary legal formalities to complete the rent proposal once it is accepted from your end. I am also agreeable to the monthly rent being charged by you at present. You can find enclosed my salary certificate and identity proof for your reference.

Thanking you in anticipation of a positive reply.

Yours truly,

Alison White.



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Proposal Letter

Vendor Proposal Letter


Tanday Elizabeth,

#11, Kent Overseas Services Ltd,

Chatteris, Cambridgeshire,

London, PE16

27th Feb, 2011

Subject: Proposal to vendor for distributorship

Dear Ms. Tanday,

We are writing this letter to offer proposal to appoint your company as vendor for our company’s services. We are a logistics company having exposure and business all over London. Now we are planning to improve our services to many new areas and for this purpose we need vendors to help us expand our business. As a vendor your company will be responsible for all activities of the company from the start to the end including customer complaint resolution. You can please find enclosed a copy of the terms and conditions of vendor relationship in the agreement. Please feel free to come back to us for any clarification.

We will be pleased to have a vendor relationship with your company at the earliest.

Yours truly,

Lewis Simson.

Allen Logistics Ltd.