Proposal Letter

Proposal Letters

A proposal letter is a type of business cover letter attached along with a formal business proposal.  It aims to persuade and convince the reader to accept the proposal presented in detail.

It is best to begin your proposal letter by introducing yourself and your company.  Then set forth to explain how you can best tackle the problem.  It is also good to give an overview of the proposal, by giving a gist of the most important information including estimated cost and time-frame.

Though your aim is to convince the reader about your proposal, make the reader/the company your focus.  Elaborate how the suggested proposal would benefit them.  Back it up with researched facts.  Quote or give references of similar work you have undertaken.

Use only proven facts and figures as there is no place for flowery language and false promises here.  The letter must sound sincere and convincing without sounding fake and conniving.

As you are concluding the letter offer to fix up an appointment for personal meeting.  This would help pursue the idea in person, and the reader would be persuaded to take action.

Proposal Letter

Vendor Proposal Letter


Tanday Elizabeth,

#11, Kent Overseas Services Ltd,

Chatteris, Cambridgeshire,

London, PE16

27th Feb, 2011

Subject: Proposal to vendor for distributorship

Dear Ms. Tanday,

We are writing this letter to offer proposal to appoint your company as vendor for our company’s services. We are a logistics company having exposure and business all over London. Now we are planning to improve our services to many new areas and for this purpose we need vendors to help us expand our business. As a vendor your company will be responsible for all activities of the company from the start to the end including customer complaint resolution. You can please find enclosed a copy of the terms and conditions of vendor relationship in the agreement. Please feel free to come back to us for any clarification.

We will be pleased to have a vendor relationship with your company at the earliest.

Yours truly,

Lewis Simson.

Allen Logistics Ltd.

Proposal Letter

Rent Proposal Letter


Mr. Brian Mathews,

#22, Fleetwood,


London, FY7

1st June, 2011

Subject: Letter for rent proposal

Dear Mr. Brian,

I am writing to you in response to your advertisement for renting your apartment in Lancashire. I am new to this city and will be staying here for the next 3 years on account of my job. I am looking for a decent place in your vicinity as it is close to my office and I do not have to spend a lot of time traveling. I am pleased with your apartment as it is a fully furnished apartment and will suit my needs aptly. I can take up all the necessary legal formalities to complete the rent proposal once it is accepted from your end. I am also agreeable to the monthly rent being charged by you at present. You can find enclosed my salary certificate and identity proof for your reference.

Thanking you in anticipation of a positive reply.

Yours truly,

Alison White.



Proposal Letter Templates

Proposal Letter

New Business Proposal Letter


Patricia Lewis,

Lewis Marketing Services,

#1, Belper,


London, DE56

06th May, 2012

Subject: Offer of new business proposal for marketing of computers sales

Dear Ms. Patricia,

It gives me immense pleasure to write to you with regard to the offer of marketing relationship with your company. We are expanding in the field of computer sales and are unable to undertake their marketing all by ourselves. We have heard a lot about your company and are keen on offering the dealership of marketing our computers to you. We want your company to undertake marketing activities right from devising the marketing to implementation of a proper strategy to improve sales. You can find enclosed a catalogue that gives description and price details of our products.

We hope to have a mutually beneficial business relationship with your company.

Looking forward to a positive reply from your end.

Thanking you in advance.

Yours truly,

Michele Ball.

Head – Marketing

Ball Computers Ltd.

Proposal Letter

Research Proposal Letter


Mr. Timothy Williams,

Head of Department-Physics,

Romford, Essex,

London University, RM3

8th June, 2011

Subject: Proposal to undertake research in your University

Dear Ms. Timothy,

I wish to take enrolment for the research scholarship program that is being offered by your prestigious University. I am a student of Physics and wish to undertake research in field of electro magnetic waves. This research is aimed at identifying use of electro magnetic waves in newer treatment methods used for cancer patients. In this regard I request you to kindly permit me to take up the research in the assigned field either alone or with other members in a team.

I have enclosed a research proposal for my study along with this letter for your kind perusal. It will be an honor to be associated with a renowned University like yours in undertaking my physics research project.

Your quick response in approval of the research proposal will be highly appreciated.

Thanking you in advance.

Mary Joseph

Proposal Letter

Restaurant Proposal Letter


Billy James,

#20, Buckhurst Hill,


London, IG9

12th Jan, 2012

Subject: Proposal to take property on lease for opening a Restaurant

Dear Mr. Billy,

We are writing to you in response of the advertisement given by you for leasing your property. We are a company in the hospitality business for the past ten years with branches in various cities. Now we wish to open a branch of our restaurant in your locality and find your premises ideal for opening a restaurant. The details of our restaurant proposal which enlists the terms of lease is enclosed along with this letter for you information.

We also request you to kindly give us your property on lease for a period of five years which will be again renewable for the next five years. We assure you that we will keep the premises in proper condition without any damage. We look forward to your positive reply in this regard at the earliest to help us complete the formalities necessary thereafter.

Yours truly,

Restaurant Incharge

Tasty Buds Restaurant Group.

Proposal Letter

Real Estate Proposal Letter


Mr. Robert Erwin,

#32, Ballyclare,

County Antrim,

London, BT39

01st March, 2012

Subject: Proposal from real estate company with services offered

Dear Mr. Robert,

We are pleased to know that you have a property in the prime location of Stamford and are looking to develop or sell the property. To tell you about us we are a leading real estate company in your vicinity with expertise in buying, selling and development of prime locations like yours for the past five years. We are very reliable in terms of fulfilling our promise with regard to your property dealings and assure you with the best of service at all times.

You even take a look at the real estate projects that we have been involved earlier and certifications that we posses to give you an idea of our credibility. Also find enclosed our quotation along with this real estate proposal for your property that you wish to develop.

Looking forward to get an opportunity to serve you in future.

Yours truly,

Clarke Sidoth,

Manager- Projects,

Stamford Construction Company.

Proposal Letter

Work Proposal Letter


Gareth             Simon,

Simon Infrastructure Ltd,

#23, Hull,

North Humberside,

London, HU-10

18th May, 2012

Subject: Letter for work proposal

Dear Mr. Gareth,

We are writing to you in respect of the infrastructure project that has been assigned to your company by the Government recently. It gives us immense pleasure to tell you about our company who are involved in taking up works contracts of such major infrastructure projects. We have been part of the bridges contract and completed it very well within the time frame and budget set by the parent company. Please find enclosed herewith all the details of the work proposal with detailed bifurcation of the works undertaken by us.

We assure you that the project will be a successful one if you give us an opportunity to work in it. We look forward to your decision and await for a positive response from your end to our work proposal.


Gary Christ,

Inson Contractors Ltd.

Proposal Letter

Bid Proposal Letter


Catherine Holland,


Ashton Company Ltd,

#13, Birmingham,

West Midlands,

London – B13

01st Jan 2012

Subject: Proposal Letter for the Bidding process

Dear Ms. Catherine,

I am hereby pleased to write to you in response to the proposal of your company seeking bids on sale of used computers by your company. As we ware starting a new office, we have a requirement for used computers apart from the existing computers that we already have. We are interested in buying the used computers and enclosing our bid proposal with details of price per unit and other terms of purchase.

I am sure that you will find our bid proposal most reasonable and the best offer amongst other bid offers. We have arrived at the bid price keeping in view the age of the computers and actual condition apart from the brand and model of the computers.

Please inform your acceptance of the bid proposal made by company to help start the subsequent process.

Yours truly,

Isaac George,


Stockholm Investments.

Proposal Letter

Racing Sponsorship Proposal Letter


Nicholas Champ,


Liverhaul Company,

#7, St Albans,


London, AL3

16th May 2011

Subject: Letter for racing sponsorship

Dear Mr. Nicholas,

I am hereby writing this letter to you to seek corporate sponsorship for the racing event that I am participating on 31st May 2011. To Tell you about myself I have been associated with racing for the past five years and so far won championship three times during this period. I plan to donate the funds raised from the event for the treatment of cancer patients. As a result of my successful racing history even you will benefit a lot as a corporate sponsor. I request you to sponsor the event along with free banners and merchandise and we assure to provide you with prime slots for the same.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and hope you will find this opportunity worthy of support.


John Grieveson,

Racing Champion.