Proposal Letter

Bid Proposal Letter


Catherine Holland,


Ashton Company Ltd,

#13, Birmingham,

West Midlands,

London – B13

01st Jan 2012

Subject: Proposal Letter for the Bidding process

Dear Ms. Catherine,

I am hereby pleased to write to you in response to the proposal of your company seeking bids on sale of used computers by your company. As we ware starting a new office, we have a requirement for used computers apart from the existing computers that we already have. We are interested in buying the used computers and enclosing our bid proposal with details of price per unit and other terms of purchase.

I am sure that you will find our bid proposal most reasonable and the best offer amongst other bid offers. We have arrived at the bid price keeping in view the age of the computers and actual condition apart from the brand and model of the computers.

Please inform your acceptance of the bid proposal made by company to help start the subsequent process.

Yours truly,

Isaac George,


Stockholm Investments.

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