Marketing Letters

Mortgage Marketing Letter


Mrs. Adriana Williams

27/ L, Wing- D, Down Lake Apartments,

Baker Market, Atkinson Street,

London, United Kingdom

Date: 3rd, 2012

Subject: A mortgage marketing letter to a client

Dear Mrs. Williams,

I would like to introduce myself as Hennery Spencer- Loan Officer of Blue Star Mortgage and Finance Associates, a leading mortgage firm based in London, United Kingdom. On behalf of Blue Star Mortgage and Finance Associates, I am pleased to inform you that we have introduced a new finance loan policy at the reduced mortgage rates. As you are our valuable client, we would like to help you with all your credit and bad debt issues with our easy loans which are available for individuals and companies. For more information, kindly find enclosed document consisting of mortgage information including the main features, benefits and eligibility criteria required in order to apply for a loan.

Moreover, you can enjoy a special mortgage discount along with the other attractive offers if you visit us before May 10th, 2012.

In case you have any query, please feel free to contact us at: or on: 7949 587 7989.

With the Best Regards,

Hennery Spencer-

Loan Officer

Blue Star Mortgage and Finance Associates

Marketing Letters

Marketing Letter for New Business


66 King Edwards Drive,




17-19, Palatine Square,

Burnley , Lancashire ,

BB11 4JF


This is our new business and we are taking the liberty to approach you to give you the best information about our products. We would like to market our products in your area and would like to offer plenty of benefits to our customers.

These products are absolutely good and quite useful. We are sure our customers will be very happy and satisfied with the quality of our products as these have been introduced after much research and thorough test.

We also would like to draw your guidance and support through this new launch of products and we will appreciate your cooperation and interest.

Please contact us for any clarifications or verifications and we will surely be able to guide you and help you to market in a profitable manner.

We look forward for your reply and would like to offer complete assistance for making this new venture a very good success.




Marketing questionnaire

Marketing Letters

Marketing Introduction Letter


244, Bennetts Castle Lane,

Dagenham ,

Essex ,



Preston Patrick,

Cumbria ,


This is to introduce our products through this letter of marketing and we are hereby privileged to forward this communication to you to know more about our products.

Our products are quite perfect in style and design apart from being quite affordable to the customers.  We are marketing this product only for the benefit of our customers as we understand that customers are in need of these products.

Either in bulk or in certain quantity, we can supply to you conveniently. Our customer service and support is quite good and interactive and you can surely avail more services.

Please provide us your feed back on the products and place your orders and we will surely be happy to dispatch products for your use.

Thank you and we appreciate your interest in our products and we look forward to hear from you about our products.


Market research questionnaire

Marketing Letters

Marketing Letter to Friends and Family



Stafford Rd,

Uttoxeter ,

Staffordshire ,

ST14 8DN


25-29 North Street,

Sheringham ,

Norfolk ,

NR26 8LW

This is a marketing letter to all of you to encourage you to avail the best offer of products given to you in this season. These are good quality products and absolutely useful to you on a daily basis.

Buying these products will not only keep you happy but you will be able to draw lot of benefits from this service. Further the prices of these products are quite moderate and affordable giving you complete satisfaction and helping you to save your earnings.

Further there are discount facility and gift coupons on every purchase, which can be availed at a later point of time. This is a great opportunity to make a purchase and you will be absolutely satisfied with the services drawn from the products.

To place your orders, call or mail and give your shipment address so that we can dispatch goods quickly.

Thank you and look forward to hear from you.


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Marketing Letters

Follow Up Marketing Letter


434 Woodbridge Road,

Ipswich ,



21, Crescent East,

Barnet ,

Hertfordshire ,



Please refer to our marketing letter detailing about our products. We are now writing a follow-up letter as a continuance for our marketing letter and we would like to give you more details about our products.

The products were introduced recently into the market and we have circulated marketing letters widely and we are sure you have found the products to be very useful and benefiting..

We now request you to provide your feed back on the products and also give us your orders so that we will be able to process the orders.

Our aim has been to give you the best quality goods and it is our endeavor to provide most quality products and also to give you the best services always.

Please keep us informed about your feed back and also state your suggestions and views if any from time to time so that we can consider your opinions and include your suggestions.

Marketing Letters

E-marketing Letter


Grange Lane,

Leicester ,



Old Hall St,

Malpas ,

Cheshire ,

SY14 8NE

Thank you so much for your interest in our products and we appreciate our customer’s interests. We would like to provide the best services and products for the entire satisfaction of our customers.

We are working in favor of our customers and we highly regard and respect our customers to provide with the best quality products and we also provide timely services to save the time of our consumers.

Our huge range of products have been appreciated by you and your opinions and suggestions have proved to be very valuable to market our products. We thank you and we would like to share our joy with you in making these products a very good success.

We also encourage you to avail these coupons for purchasing our products and visit our web site for newly launched products.

We thank you for your cooperation and interest in our products. We wish to give you the best services.

Marketing Letters

Real Estate Marketing Letter



Lincoln Rd,

Peterborough ,

Cambridgeshire ,



Adelaide St, Bolton ,

Lancashire ,



We are glad to promote our real estate marketing letter for the benefit of our customers.  As you know, in the recent period of time, real estate market has been very good giving more scope and opportunity for the customers to buy good homes in affordable prices.

As per our market research, we found that in the near future, the prices of homes and commercial complexes will be comparatively low and therefore this signifies a fact that this is the best time to make a purchase of property.

We would like to give you some of the best places and best properties which you can buy and enjoy the fullest benefits.

You will surely receive good satisfaction and will be saving your earnings apart from owning the propertly.

Contact us or mail us your requirements of the property and we will able to assist you with all the details of property.

Marketing Letters

Direct Mail Marketing Letter


60, Stile Common Rd,

Huddersfield ,

West Yorkshire ,



Fontwell Ave,


West Sussex ,

PO20 3RY


We are in the marketing of products that are very easy to purchase and also very useful for customers.  We are providing all the products that are newly launched along with the prices and you can easily place your orders by clicking on the link.

We would like to assure you that all our products are widely useful and most importantly these are quite moderate in price. While you appreciate the affordability, you would like to utilize this opportunity and would like to draw the fullest benefit from these products.

Please avail this coupon and place your orders and receive the gift on bulk orders. We appreciate your interest in our products and would like to give you best cooperation and customer services always.

Please call us or mail your enquiries and we will be able to assist you perfectly giving complete satisfaction to you.

We look forward to receive your orders and once again thank you for your association.

Marketing Letters

Direct Marketing Letter


24-25, Wimbledon Park Rd,

Southsea ,

Hampshire ,



440, Baddow Rd,

Chelmsford ,

Essex ,


We are the field of marketing for quite some time now and we have been giving the best services to all our customers. We take good research on all our products before we finally launch into the market.

Our success has always been because of our customers and we truly appreciate your presence and support you for your honest and good feed back on our products. We are enclosing herewith a list of newly launched products that will hold your interest and we will surely promise you continued support in giving the best satisfied customer service.

We respect your privacy and we also assure you the supply of quality products.  Please place your order and give us your feed back on the products to enable us to improve and work to the entire satisfaction of your service.

Thank you and we appreciate you for being our customer and we respect your judgment and decisions on our products.

Marketing Letters

Marketing Sales Letter


Claremont Rd,

Newhaven ,

East Sussex ,



Walesby Rd,

Market Rasen ,

Lincolnshire ,


In the recent times, we have introduced new products which are already released into the market. These are absolutely useful and quite reliable in terms of service.  We encourage you to take part in it and make a purchase of products that are of your interest.

We are enclosing herewith an order form for your use and through this form you can place your orders and receive easy shipment of the goods.

Please provide correct mailing address and contact no so that goods will be received by you at the mailing address.

We appreciate you and we would like to keep you satisfied with the supply of our service products.

Please do not hesitate to call us or mail us with your queries or orders and we will be able to attend to your queries and process your orders quickly giving satisfaction to you.

Thank you and we look forward for your reply.



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