Marketing Letters

Marketing Letters

Marketing plays a vital role in any business growth.  Writing marketing letters which are effective and impactful can take some practice, but it can be done.  The main reason why most marketing letters fail is, because they tend to focus on the wrong issues.

The important thing to remember when writing these letters is that the focus of your letter must be on the reader.  If you are able to convey how advantageous your product/service is to the readers, then you have caught their attention.  This is one of the main requirements of writing a good marketing letter.

Once you have the attention of the reader, try and generate interest and desire for your product/service.  You can then follow it up with appropriate action.

While writing, keep the language simple and the tone friendly and positive.  Instead of using clichés and flowery language, stick to facts and back it up with suitable examples or references.

The first and final paragraphs of the letter are very important as they are the ones which can leave a lasting impression on the reader.  So, make sure to make them the most attention-grabbing ones.

Marketing Letters

Sample Marketing Letter

Mrs. Davidson,

Classic cars,


East coast


How to Chop Off Half the Price on Cars

Dear Madam,

Classic cars are glad to assist you in your lookout for cars. We will provide the best piece of information on cars. Squaring down to your choices, we have amazing line up of cars that suit your needs. Cars ranging in from the lowest price to the highest price are available. We also have fresh cars and second hand as well. When it comes to second hand cars, they are refurbished in such a way that they look like the new ones. The other advantage of going with the second hand would be the price. You are in for maximum 50% off on cars. The range is based on many features.

We ensure quality products to be sold to our customers. Making sure that what we sell is what pleases the customers.

Best of Wishes,

1-800-000-0000 ext 143

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Marketing Letters

How To Write A Marketing Letter

A lot of people have doubts in regards with the right manner in which a marketing letter should be written. Well, the doubts get cleared as we bring about the manner and the essence of a marketing letter. The one thing that should be understood by any business house is that marketing letter comes from your end. The letter consists of what you have to say to the customers about your goods and services. A marketing letter does help bring up your business in the marketing world, provided it is presented well with the genuine information.

Make sure that the letter is not too long. The first sentence in most cases does help the customer decide whether he should read it further or not. So, make sure you have the most basic language used, with good grammar. While writing, make sure that it is not obvious that you are doing sales of your products, though that is the real motive. Presentation is very important, do so in a manner that it hits the right chord.

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Marketing Letters

Marketing Letter Template

Sender’s Address and/ or email address


Receiver’s Address, usually in the following format

Full Name


Company Name

Physical Address

City, State

Salutation is to be done in the following manner:

Dear Mr. /Ms. Name: or Sir/Madam,

The letter is introduced by the means of a reference.


The body of the letter is considered as one the most important part of the letter. You should make sure that the language used is simple. It should not be too much in detail; importance should be given to the points that are discussed in the letter.

The first paragraph should hold information based on the purpose. The purpose should be well placed. The next paragraphs however showcase more on the request part.

The last paragraph highlights the purpose again in just few words. The end should be pleasing, wherein you have to thank the reader for considering your request.

The closing should sound like:

Yours truly,

Your name

Name of your organization/ company

A signature marks the end of a business letter

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Marketing Letters

Marketing Letter Format

263 2nd street Liza Port, CA 76895

29 March 2010

Mrs. Peterson

Marketing manager

G-trust ltd

Kansas city, USA, 068

Dear Madam,

I work as a professional marketing executive, it been over 6 years since I have been working for this post. As part of my job profile I am good at making good customer relations. I also ensure using a great deal of marketing strategies for better results. My ideas are innovative and go with the pace.

I ensure you a great deal of customer satisfaction. With the experience I hold, I do understand the goals set and worked upon by a marketing executive, which in turn favours the company. I am confident about the ability I hold to deliver good quality service. I have enclosed my resume; you can review my work experience so far. I am looking forward to hear from you.

Yours truly,

Signature in blue ink,

Jane Eyre.

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Marketing Letters

Real Estate Investor Marketing Letter

Dear Stephan

“A home becomes a house only with the love and care amongst the people who reside in it and around it”.

K. J. Hopkins

Everyone wishes to build a home for himself. The vision of having a dream house is carried along with a person wherever he goes and at some point he wants his dream to become reality. If you are looking out for someone who can be a part in helping you find or build your dream house then I am the right person to get in touch with. I love helping people, especially the ones who wish to find a home for themselves. I have the best plots in the best possible location to offer. Right from schools, cafe, hospitals and many more are available. The choice is yours and so is the final call.

Contact me and I promise to never disappoint you.


Signature in blue ink,

Mrs. Joss Kerstin

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Marketing Letters

Marketing Letter Tips

There are quite a few sources that help you out with tips on building a marketing letter. However, the following lines have the best tips available to write an effective marketing letter.

  • The things that you write should be brought about in such a way that it meets the requirements of the person you are addressing to.
  • The language used should be basic, nothing very fancy. If complicated then the impression would not be good.
  • You must look into the benefits of the letter. The things that you are paying focus on. Those things that may earn you benefits. Make sure they are presented well, so that it hits the right chord with the person who is reading it.
  • Last but not the least, utilise the power of the magic word YOU. If you refer the person as YOU, then you are making this more as a personal conversation and personal reference.

With these tips you can go in to write a real nice marketing letter.

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Marketing Letters

Mortgage Marketing Letters

Dear Customers,

We are writing this letter to inform you that we are one of the top Mortgage marketing companies in the market, who have been in this domain since 1986.

We are also helping the many people to find the right type of financial help from the banks and financial institutions, with whom we are tied up with.

We provide our services for the individuals as well as organizations for obtaining loans and other financial help.

Some of the Banks and financial institutions, which are providing loans for our customers, are listed below:

1. Citi Bank

2. HSBC Bank

3. JPMorgan Chase Bank

We are looking for a long-term relationship with our clients and customers. Therefore, we ensure to provide the best services for you.

If you are looking for our assistance, you can always free to contact our customer support team through our contact details.

Best regards

T. John

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Marketing Letters

Marketing Cover Letter

29 March 2010


TGS Enterprises

274 , block C

Kansas , missouri , 78953

Dear Manager,

I am a professional Sales and Markerting Executive. I hold an experience of more than 10 years in this field. I have been extremely blessed to have made a wonderful start of my career with ABC company in Chicago. Due to some reasons I had to shift to California.

I have enclosed my resume. You can review it to have clear picture about my job profile so far. I have been associated with certain huge projects from that were brought in by my previous company. I ensure you that I will deliver quality service and bring in the best to satisfy the customers at your end. I can bring in best results from my service to your organisation.

I hope to hear from you. however you can contact me directly. Thank you for your consideration.



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Marketing Letters

Insurance Marketing Letter

Dear Sirs

There may be such situations in life where in you don’t have absolutely any controlling power. Calamities or destruction of any kind does enter without knocking on your door. Being prepared is considered as the best option. The one way to ensure that you have some backing to help you survive in peace is nothing but insurance. We at Instant insurance companies ensure that the importance of insurance is well understood. When people in need of help through insurance, we help them instantly. Unlike other companies who take a lot of time in fulfilling the formalities.

Insurance as such is a means that can help you in the hour of need. But, the help gets right in time only based on the choice of the insurance company. We at Instant insurance companies make sure that help is provided at the earliest. For the duty we have taken up to help people in hard times, we fulfil it with our hearts.

Instant Insurance Firm

6th Avenue Street


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Marketing Letters

Affiliate Marketing Letter

Dear Colleague,
I believe in Smart work, not hard work. There is a way to work smarter, not harder. I have seen you working for long hours, with great stress and pressure. Therefore, I would like to share some of my working strategies, which may help you to work smarter.

You should always remember that hard work is not an option to become rich. If it is, then ditch diggers and chambermaids would be rich. However, they are not, because they just work hard and not smart.
Therefore, make sure you work whenever you want and try to avoid taking too much pressure, as it will ruin your health.

Hope you got my points? If you want to talk to me or meet me, you can always feel free to contact me through phone or leave me a scrap. My contact number is mentioned in the letter.

Best Regards,


Marketing Letters

Sales and Marketing Letter

Ms. Dian Mills,

General Director,

Talkmore telecom,

Box 143,


30th March 2010

Dear Ms. Dian,

Talkmore is a communication service. We offer mobile phone service at international level. We have our company base set up in France and our operating services have been extended to countries like USA, UAE, UK, Canada and now India also joins the list. The highlight of our services is that we have standard low costs for the calls that are made to the other networks. However, when it comes to calling the people with the same network, the rates are even lesser. There are call cost related packages that are available through out for better customer satisfaction. We also provide internet related services, where in we have quick browsing.

With clear voice and amazing browsing speed, we promise you even more schemes like these. If you sign up within 6 months you are also in for free calls service from 6 pm to 12 pm throughout the state. For further details, contact the customer desk.

Yours faithfully,

Joanna Peter,

Marketing Manager,

Talkmore Telecom

Marketing Letters

Business Marketing Letter

March, 2010

Bluebridge General Manager,

Kansas City

26th Street

Dear Ms. Dorris,

The package that you are holding right now consists of something that will come across as a likeable product by many. Yes, I am talking about the polythene bag that is in your hand. The quality of the bag can be well judged by the feel of it and I am sure your finger tips must have liked the feel of it.

If you are a person who likes to carry things in one bag and want something strong enough that can carry your possessions, then classic plastic bags is the call. They are stylish to be carried around. If you want to make sure that none notice what is in the bag, and then be it. It’s your call. You get these bags for 1 $ and make sure that it is not see-through. You can carry it and feel good about it.

Yours faithfully,


David cook,

Marketing Manager

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Marketing Letters

Email Marketing Letters

Dear Peter,

What are your plans for today?

  • Planning for a disco?
  • Movie?
  • Interview?
  • Dating?
  • Snooker?

It does not matter what your plans are, we are here to help you with the best services. We provide all types of services for our potential customers.

If you are looking for an option to book a ticket for a movie, you just have to call our executive and give the details. Our service will be in front of your house on time.

If you are looking for a job, again contact our executives. We will help you to find a good opening for you. We are happy to serve you with all our knowledge and skills.

We make sure to provide the best services for our customers who are in need of our assistance.

Therefore, if you are looking for our assistance, please feel free to contact our team.

Best Regards,


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Marketing Letters

Marketing Proposal Letter

Iota Company Ltd


08 March 2010

Dear Mrs. Mathew,

I would want to appreciate for your amazing idea of coming up with a music school. I must say it is an amazing means to bring in the best talent from different parts of the country. We at Iota come as one such marketing firm that supports such ideas and helps in making them bigger and bigger every day. As a marketing firm, we try to bring your music school one step closer to the people, so that they notice your existence and also the services that you are ready to provide them. Mediums like newspapers, radio, bill boards, television and internet are used. These means are used to hit the right target audiences. As you know newspapers is something that 90% of households hold every day. The internet and television are also popular means that people rely upon.

We at Iota ensure that we get you more than what you have asked for.

Iota Marketing Firm,


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Marketing Letters

Online Marketing Letter

Dear colleague,

What it takes for successful Online Marketing

While you are reading this, it does come across that you are an online marketer. We from our end welcome you to this world, one that has a lot of creativity to lend. As a team, we have got ourselves to be part of the online marketing world for quite some time now. The computer associated techniques have been well understood and applied by our team. With such expertise we are happy to extend a hand in providing any kind of information to you that we can. We are well versed with techniques like viral marketing, digital delivery, pop- ups, auto responders, pay per click advertisements and also information related to web page ranks.

The means of online business has brought about amazing opportunities for many. It has helped me and with the great benefits I have gained, I wish to help you gain as well. There are techniques placed well in the form of CD’s. You can either buy them for 29$ or download from the internet.

Yours sincerely,


Mary Jane

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Marketing Letters

Marketing Letter to Promote a Product

Dear patrons

We wish to introduce ourselves as an organization in the automotive industry and we take the privilege of approaching you to inform launching of new product – BMW 6.0 a car of class in itself.

The car, as you might have read in the recent news, has many features which you must not have come across, seen or experience so far in your life. We would like you to come and experience a pleasure drive before making a decision to go in for it.

The car is in display at our retail outlet located in the heart of the city from …………..2010 between 1000 and 200 hours with an hour gap between 1300 to 1400 hrs. on all working days and we request your time for visiting our outlet to experience a pleasure drive.

Thank you and assuring you of our best services,

Very truly yours

Manager (Showroom)

Marketing Letters

Services Marketing Letter

Ms. Jane Osborne

Marketing Manager

HealthIsWealth, Inc.

February 21, 2010

Ms. Emily Watson

Woodhouse Road, North Finchley

London, N15 9ET

Dear Ms. Watson,


In this day and age, the world is moving at a fast and stressful pace, adding to our worries and weariness at the end of each day.  All the money we earn will be of no use to us if we constantly suffer from illness and body aches at the end of each week.  You deserve some rest and relaxation!

Learn to enjoy life more and feel refreshed and replenished despite our heavy workload by availing of our services.  HealthIsWealth, Inc. offers health and fitness trainings and programs just right for the busy office person or employee.  You can work with any of our experienced and expert fitness trainors.  Better yet, you can have a fitness trainor to work with you at the convenience of your own home and at your own time.  Remember, health is truly wealth.

Contact us at 020 8665 5133 if you wish to have our services.


Jane Osborne

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Marketing Letters

Marketing Letters Example


Richard Horn,

Blue Fragrance Pvt. Ltd.,

New York 567990


Bill Hayward,

44N Princeton Park,

New York 586643

Dear Mr. Bill,

I, Richard Horn, would like you to give us an opportunity to provide fragrance in your need for business growth.  We are manufacturer of branded fragrances, having base in New York for the past 4 years with successful establishment.  You could wonder that how my fragrances can help you in business growth.  There is no doubt that in today’s most competitive environment workforce tend to get exhausted easily and sometimes not able to make right direction to achieve targets.

It has been scientifically proved that our fragrances ease out cranial nerves which are responsible for taking active decisions.  Thus, there is a direct link between decision making and inhale of our fragrance.  We have different types of flavors that your large workforce would be excited to have a try at least.  On top of it, our fragrances are eco-friendly in nature.  This very means that you are also going to invest a bit for preserving Mother Nature.  I hope to have a word from you as soon as possible.

Yours Lovingly,

Richard Horn

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Marketing Letters

Journal Of Marketing Letter


Lame Hamilton,

Cross Marketing Printers Pvt. Ltd.,

Wisconsin 54887


Billy Watson,

Hallmark Commercial Co., 2UA Technology Park,

New York 574490

Dear Mr. Billy,

I am, Lame Hamilton, from Cross Marketing Printers Pvt. Ltd. have a great offer which provides you a journal full of marketing ingredients.  This will provide your marketing personnel up-to-date information on your related sector.  Not only it will give you detail information but also view points of topnotch company CEOs who will be presenting their tools on how to get more aggressive without spending more.  What I am offering to your company will definitely bring out positive results within your company in a very limited timeframe.

We have a subscription offer wherein you not only save 25%, but also get a chance to figure out in our journal for best marketing tool utilization by your company.  So, I am sure that our book is more interactive in terms of readers against those competitors.  I certainly believe that you will have an upper hand while you take into account of its potential in near future.

Yours Truly,

Lame Hamilton

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Marketing Letters

Free Sample Marketing Letter


Coward Hall,

Wisconsin 54667


William Chang,

Wisconsin 53880

Dear Mr. William,

I am, Coward Hall, from Jackson Materials Pvt. Ltd., and hereby providing you a sample of our latest product which your company would find it very much of high quality and also of very competitive price.  This is a free sample provided to you for testing as well as evaluation.  I certainly believe that this sample will definitely bring out good results which you might expect for your product.  Changes have been made in it to make sure that it withstands all possible corrosion, hot temperature, etc.  It has been tested here in our laboratory with all possible examination.

Since your competitive market is heating up once again, I make sure that our material will surpass ratings of any other competitors.  I surely would be appreciative if you could use it for your product and gain the importance of having new age materials which are successful from the very beginning.  We are waiting for your response after your testing on it.

Yours Sincerely,

Coward Hall

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Marketing Letters

Table Of Contents Marketing Letter


Name of Addresser,



Name of Addressee,


Dear Sir/Madam,

You need to have a table wherein you have all the inputs related to marketing should be showcased categorically.  In this first paragraph, marketing table will provide the details about every possible aspect of the product for which you are marketing it.  There needs to be clear indication about the price at which your product will cost to the reader.  Make a statement that your product is more competitive than any other in the market where reader is having very much stronghold.

Do recognize the reader about the importance of using your product/material with superior quality and timely delivery.  If possible, do make some comparison to most of the competitor products and make it a point about the difference your product makes against them.

At the end, do thank reader for having a try on our product tested.  There will be at last mentioning of response getting awaited from you for the above said purpose.

Yours Sincerely,

Your Name

Download Table Of Contents Marketing Letter

Marketing Letters

Good Marketing Letter


Name of Addresser,



Name of Addressee,


Dear Sir/Madam,

From beginning of the first paragraph, make sure that you introduce yourself from which company you are from and what is the purpose of your letter.  A good marketing letter has ingredients directed towards marketing tools which a reader would be benefited in the most competitive market.  Also, there is a huge contention about the pricing of the product, but make sure that you sweetly tell the benefit of your product without placing your product against any specific product of the competitor.  There needs to be a mention for the quality of the material being used and its
eco-friendly nature if any.

Do bring in some benefits known to the reader as he goes for using your product or material.  Make a point here that your product will always bring same quality irrespective of circumstances.  This will make sure that the reader is satisfied at the very beginning of using the product with the facts.  At last, mention thanks to the reader and hope for his response in near future.

Yours Sincerely,

Your Name

Download Good Marketing Letter

Marketing Letters

Marketing Letter


Lathbury Manor,

Newport Pagnell ,

Buckinghamshire ,

MK16 8JX


Restgarth, Langreek Lane,

Looe ,

Cornwall ,

PL13 2PW


We are approaching you through this marketing letter to inform you and detail you more about products and services. We thank you for this opportunity and we would like to appreciate for having been our valuable customer. We encourage you to take a look at our products and make a purchase of products either in small quantity or in bulk quantity.

Our products have been quality-oriented and these are perfect in design giving complete satisfaction to you.  We have experienced that all our customers who have purchased our goods have been coming back to us with more valuable orders.

While we earn your respect through marketing of our products, we encourage you to participate in marketing our products in your circle of work and family environment to detail and know more about our products.

We are also enclosing a brochure of our products which can be of good help to you and you can place your orders either through our web site or mail us your orders.

Marketing Letters

Marketing Sales Letter


Claremont Rd,

Newhaven ,

East Sussex ,



Walesby Rd,

Market Rasen ,

Lincolnshire ,


In the recent times, we have introduced new products which are already released into the market. These are absolutely useful and quite reliable in terms of service.  We encourage you to take part in it and make a purchase of products that are of your interest.

We are enclosing herewith an order form for your use and through this form you can place your orders and receive easy shipment of the goods.

Please provide correct mailing address and contact no so that goods will be received by you at the mailing address.

We appreciate you and we would like to keep you satisfied with the supply of our service products.

Please do not hesitate to call us or mail us with your queries or orders and we will be able to attend to your queries and process your orders quickly giving satisfaction to you.

Thank you and we look forward for your reply.



Marketing Proposals

Marketing Letters

Direct Marketing Letter


24-25, Wimbledon Park Rd,

Southsea ,

Hampshire ,



440, Baddow Rd,

Chelmsford ,

Essex ,


We are the field of marketing for quite some time now and we have been giving the best services to all our customers. We take good research on all our products before we finally launch into the market.

Our success has always been because of our customers and we truly appreciate your presence and support you for your honest and good feed back on our products. We are enclosing herewith a list of newly launched products that will hold your interest and we will surely promise you continued support in giving the best satisfied customer service.

We respect your privacy and we also assure you the supply of quality products.  Please place your order and give us your feed back on the products to enable us to improve and work to the entire satisfaction of your service.

Thank you and we appreciate you for being our customer and we respect your judgment and decisions on our products.

Marketing Letters

Direct Mail Marketing Letter


60, Stile Common Rd,

Huddersfield ,

West Yorkshire ,



Fontwell Ave,


West Sussex ,

PO20 3RY


We are in the marketing of products that are very easy to purchase and also very useful for customers.  We are providing all the products that are newly launched along with the prices and you can easily place your orders by clicking on the link.

We would like to assure you that all our products are widely useful and most importantly these are quite moderate in price. While you appreciate the affordability, you would like to utilize this opportunity and would like to draw the fullest benefit from these products.

Please avail this coupon and place your orders and receive the gift on bulk orders. We appreciate your interest in our products and would like to give you best cooperation and customer services always.

Please call us or mail your enquiries and we will be able to assist you perfectly giving complete satisfaction to you.

We look forward to receive your orders and once again thank you for your association.

Marketing Letters

Real Estate Marketing Letter



Lincoln Rd,

Peterborough ,

Cambridgeshire ,



Adelaide St, Bolton ,

Lancashire ,



We are glad to promote our real estate marketing letter for the benefit of our customers.  As you know, in the recent period of time, real estate market has been very good giving more scope and opportunity for the customers to buy good homes in affordable prices.

As per our market research, we found that in the near future, the prices of homes and commercial complexes will be comparatively low and therefore this signifies a fact that this is the best time to make a purchase of property.

We would like to give you some of the best places and best properties which you can buy and enjoy the fullest benefits.

You will surely receive good satisfaction and will be saving your earnings apart from owning the propertly.

Contact us or mail us your requirements of the property and we will able to assist you with all the details of property.

Marketing Letters

E-marketing Letter


Grange Lane,

Leicester ,



Old Hall St,

Malpas ,

Cheshire ,

SY14 8NE

Thank you so much for your interest in our products and we appreciate our customer’s interests. We would like to provide the best services and products for the entire satisfaction of our customers.

We are working in favor of our customers and we highly regard and respect our customers to provide with the best quality products and we also provide timely services to save the time of our consumers.

Our huge range of products have been appreciated by you and your opinions and suggestions have proved to be very valuable to market our products. We thank you and we would like to share our joy with you in making these products a very good success.

We also encourage you to avail these coupons for purchasing our products and visit our web site for newly launched products.

We thank you for your cooperation and interest in our products. We wish to give you the best services.

Marketing Letters

Follow Up Marketing Letter


434 Woodbridge Road,

Ipswich ,



21, Crescent East,

Barnet ,

Hertfordshire ,



Please refer to our marketing letter detailing about our products. We are now writing a follow-up letter as a continuance for our marketing letter and we would like to give you more details about our products.

The products were introduced recently into the market and we have circulated marketing letters widely and we are sure you have found the products to be very useful and benefiting..

We now request you to provide your feed back on the products and also give us your orders so that we will be able to process the orders.

Our aim has been to give you the best quality goods and it is our endeavor to provide most quality products and also to give you the best services always.

Please keep us informed about your feed back and also state your suggestions and views if any from time to time so that we can consider your opinions and include your suggestions.

Marketing Letters

Marketing Letter to Friends and Family



Stafford Rd,

Uttoxeter ,

Staffordshire ,

ST14 8DN


25-29 North Street,

Sheringham ,

Norfolk ,

NR26 8LW

This is a marketing letter to all of you to encourage you to avail the best offer of products given to you in this season. These are good quality products and absolutely useful to you on a daily basis.

Buying these products will not only keep you happy but you will be able to draw lot of benefits from this service. Further the prices of these products are quite moderate and affordable giving you complete satisfaction and helping you to save your earnings.

Further there are discount facility and gift coupons on every purchase, which can be availed at a later point of time. This is a great opportunity to make a purchase and you will be absolutely satisfied with the services drawn from the products.

To place your orders, call or mail and give your shipment address so that we can dispatch goods quickly.

Thank you and look forward to hear from you.


Marketing Education Requirements

Marketing Letters

Marketing Introduction Letter


244, Bennetts Castle Lane,

Dagenham ,

Essex ,



Preston Patrick,

Cumbria ,


This is to introduce our products through this letter of marketing and we are hereby privileged to forward this communication to you to know more about our products.

Our products are quite perfect in style and design apart from being quite affordable to the customers.  We are marketing this product only for the benefit of our customers as we understand that customers are in need of these products.

Either in bulk or in certain quantity, we can supply to you conveniently. Our customer service and support is quite good and interactive and you can surely avail more services.

Please provide us your feed back on the products and place your orders and we will surely be happy to dispatch products for your use.

Thank you and we appreciate your interest in our products and we look forward to hear from you about our products.


Market research questionnaire

Marketing Letters

Marketing Letter for New Business


66 King Edwards Drive,




17-19, Palatine Square,

Burnley , Lancashire ,

BB11 4JF


This is our new business and we are taking the liberty to approach you to give you the best information about our products. We would like to market our products in your area and would like to offer plenty of benefits to our customers.

These products are absolutely good and quite useful. We are sure our customers will be very happy and satisfied with the quality of our products as these have been introduced after much research and thorough test.

We also would like to draw your guidance and support through this new launch of products and we will appreciate your cooperation and interest.

Please contact us for any clarifications or verifications and we will surely be able to guide you and help you to market in a profitable manner.

We look forward for your reply and would like to offer complete assistance for making this new venture a very good success.




Marketing questionnaire

Marketing Letters

Mortgage Marketing Letter


Mrs. Adriana Williams

27/ L, Wing- D, Down Lake Apartments,

Baker Market, Atkinson Street,

London, United Kingdom

Date: 3rd, 2012

Subject: A mortgage marketing letter to a client

Dear Mrs. Williams,

I would like to introduce myself as Hennery Spencer- Loan Officer of Blue Star Mortgage and Finance Associates, a leading mortgage firm based in London, United Kingdom. On behalf of Blue Star Mortgage and Finance Associates, I am pleased to inform you that we have introduced a new finance loan policy at the reduced mortgage rates. As you are our valuable client, we would like to help you with all your credit and bad debt issues with our easy loans which are available for individuals and companies. For more information, kindly find enclosed document consisting of mortgage information including the main features, benefits and eligibility criteria required in order to apply for a loan.

Moreover, you can enjoy a special mortgage discount along with the other attractive offers if you visit us before May 10th, 2012.

In case you have any query, please feel free to contact us at: or on: 7949 587 7989.

With the Best Regards,

Hennery Spencer-

Loan Officer

Blue Star Mortgage and Finance Associates

Marketing Letters

Marketing Letter of Intent


Mr. Alford Atkinson,

General Manager- Sales

Wilma Marketing Pvt. Ltd

Edinburg Park, IT- Square

New Jersey, U.S.A

Date: May 3rd, 2012

Subject: A marketing letter of intent to the business partner

Dear Mr. Atkinson,

On behalf of Ferns & Petal Fashion house Pvt. Ltd, we are pleased to inform you that we have been enjoying a great business relationship with you as your dedication of doing business inspired us in many ways. You must be aware, that we are also indulged into a garment business which is running very successfully as we have many potential clients from elite circles. During our telephonic discussion held on May 2nd, 2012, you may have noticed that we both have common principles and interests to do this garment business.

Hereby, we express our intent to initiate a new business venture with you by merging both of our companies together to earn great growth in this garment business. By generating & implementing impressive business ideas your esteemed company Wilma Sales Pvt. Ltd can help us in advertising our garment products around the globe. Thus, both the business firms can enjoy great benefits by facing the competitive challenges together.

We look forward to your response!


Adam Spencer

General Manager- Ferns & Petal Fashion house Pvt. Ltd

Marketing Letters

Marketing Letter to CEO


Mr. Gilbert Hopkinson


Diana Group of Industries Pvt. Ltd

Reline Park, Magma Road,

London, United Kingdom

Date: May 3rd, 2012

Subject: A Marketing letter to CEO

Dear Mr. Hopkinson,

We understand the global challenges suffered by the small to large sized organization in today’s instable economic conditions. As being a C.E.O of a huge business organization, you must be regularly confronting certain financial disputes and marketing challenges to maintain the position of your company in the global market. We, at Hurley & Gibbons Training institute, are in brain drain training and counselling offered for the employees and workers in order to coach them in financial economizing and company improvement.

Following are the offered training & counselling services:

  • We offer unique counselling for practiced staff for you to guide them to not to lose potential clients on your competitors.
  • We provide innovative training schedules in order to train the newly appointed employees to make them proficient in handling challenging office tasks.
  • We plan effective meetings according to your company hierarchy in order to train the weak employees of your company.

If you are interested in the development of your company, please feel free to contact us at: enquiry@hurley& or on: 7988 344 6788

Thanking you,

Emma Wilson

Marketing Letters

Marketing Letter to Client


Mrs. Elisabeth Anderson

Panama Cosmetic Store,

Baker Market, Salt Lake City

New York, U.S.A

Date: May 4th 2012

Subject: A marketing letter to a prospective client

Dear Mrs. Anderson,

As being our potential client, we are pleased to inform you that Anderson Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd has been enjoying great support and profits from your Cosmetic Store. We appreciate your enthusiasm and patronage for selling the various cosmetic range of our company.

This summer season, we are planning to launch a brand new cosmetic collection of lip colours, eye- shades and sun- screen lotions. All these products will be available on impressive discounts. Every wholesale purchase initiated by you for $ 50, 000 and above will fetch you a lucky coupon worth price of $ 1, 00, 000. Moreover, you can win other attractive prizes such as cosmetic products worth $ 15, 000 absolutely free. Therefore, we hope that you will take interest in selling this hot range of cosmetics and you will stock your showroom with the latest summer collection of cosmetic products.

With the Best Wishes,

Adam Spencer

Manager- Sales

Anderson Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd



Marketing Job Duties

Marketing Letters

Marketing Letter to Customer


Mr. Andrew Simpson

34- O, Maria Enclave, Baker Market

New York, U.S.A

Date: May 3rd, 2012

Subject: A marketing letter to a Prospective Customer

Dear Mr. Simpson,

We are glad to inform you that Spencer Stores Pvt. Ltd has inaugurated a new furniture showroom nearby your resident in Baker Market, New York. This branch furniture store equips with a wide range of furniture, kitchen utilizes and household artefacts to meet up your sophisticated home requirements. Now you can enclose your house with a variety of furnishings and decorative stuff at affordable prices.

Spencer Pvt. Ltd lunches its official website: for customer convenience. You can experience the fun of online shopping by placing online orders for buying your desired household furniture and the other items.

In case of any query, please approach us at: enquiry@ or on: 7980 859 6979. Our customer support team will be happy to assist you!

Best Regards,

Linda Gomes

Customer Executive

Spencer Pvt. Ltd



Marketing Letters

Marketing Letters

Marketing Letter for Services


Mr Peter John

General Manager, John Industries

Cane Island, Florida

March 2, 2012

Subject: Marketing Letter for Services

Dear Sir,

We are really pleased to work with your esteemed organisation as your channel sales partner. In this regard we are planning to arrange a meeting with you and your team on March 6th 2012.

Prior to that meeting we thought of informing you about the range of sales and services that we offer to our customers. We are a company working in the field of providing hardware and software solutions for various business needs. We have been into this business for the past 5 years and are working with some of the companies which are market leaders in the healthcare and medical segment. Our company believes in having a long term relationship with our clients by offering them the most reliable technological services at the best possible rates in the industry.

We wish to have a long-lasting business relationship with your esteemed firm.

Thanking you,

Tina Jones

Marketing Letters

Marketing Letter to Physician


Dr. Frederick Peter


Peter Health Clinic

Fore Street, London

March 13 2011

Subject: Marketing Letter to Physician regarding the herbal and natural products

Dear Dr. Peter,

We are indeed fortunate that you have started providing your dedicated practice to people staying in this area. Your experience and knowledge is beneficial to many patients. People are quite satisfied with the kind of services you are offering to them. We are a well known company working in the field of natural and herbal products. We have a wide variety of products which will definitely assist your patients for various treatments.

I am sending the catalogue of our products along with all the details with this letter. We are looking forward to work in association with your clinic towards helping people to find better health solutions.

We wish to have an enduring association with your medical practice for the benefit of the patients.

Thanking you,

David Roberts

ABC Natural Products Ltd.



Marketing Letters

Marketing Letters

Product Marketing Letter


Andrew David

CEO, Era Cosmetics Ltd.

C-10, fifth floor

Bloomsbury Street


9th May, 2012

Subject: Product Marketing Letter

Dear Mr. David,

We take this opportunity to congratulate your firm for making such wonderful products in the field of cosmetics. Every company aims at making the best product to achieve the highest brand name in the industry and you are no exception to that. Our company is also working with the same motive of providing the best raw material and other products which are used in the production of cosmetics. We wish to get associated with your esteemed organization to deliver the best quality products in as many regions as possible. We are proud of our quality and range of products, which are one of the best in the industry segment.

Please have a look at the catalogue for further details of our products. It will be great if you give us an opportunity to work with your company.

Thanking you.

Mathew Doe

XYZ Limited.

Marketing Letters

Medical Billing Marketing Letter


Dr. Thomas Joshua

General Manager, Thomas Health Clinic

A2, Fourth Street

Cane Island, Florida

June 23 2011

Subject: medical billing marketing letter

Dear Sir,

We are proud to get your world class medical services in our area as it is helping people living in this vicinity in the best possible manner. We thus wish to join hands with your clinic for helping you in your medical billing process. We are a company which is working in the field of medical billing for last five years and we have acquired couple of big clients as well. Our staff is well versed with all medical billing technicalities and its legal implications as well. We will assist you in clearing all the medical bills and claims from the insurance companies within a very short span of time. All the hassles involved in this task will be handled by us.

Herewith we are enclosing the details of the services provided by our company. In case of any query, please feel free to contact us on 99-7776-7762,

Thanking you,

Liza Jones

ABC Billing Services Limited.

Marketing Letters

Entertainment Marketing Letter


Mr Harry Daniel

Senior Director for Marketing and Communication,

Daniel Entertainment Services

Mercer Street, NY

6th April, 2012

Subject: entertainment marketing letter

Dear Sir,

Your esteemed organization is creating mile stones in the entertainment industry, and we congratulate you for the same. Our organization also works in the entertainment industry, where we provide the material, artists and other related stuff to the entertainment companies. We can assist you with everything you need for big or small events alike. We have world class artists who are well versed with various art forms from different cultures.

We are working in the entertainment industry for last 6 years and we have worked with some of the market players of entertainment industry. Please find attached the list of our services along with the photographs.

We wish to have a long lasting business relationship with your renowned firm to give the best to the entertainment industry.

Thanking you,

George Samuel

WorldClass Entertainment Limited.