Marketing Letters

Marketing Letter to Physician


Dr. Frederick Peter


Peter Health Clinic

Fore Street, London

March 13 2011

Subject: Marketing Letter to Physician regarding the herbal and natural products

Dear Dr. Peter,

We are indeed fortunate that you have started providing your dedicated practice to people staying in this area. Your experience and knowledge is beneficial to many patients. People are quite satisfied with the kind of services you are offering to them. We are a well known company working in the field of natural and herbal products. We have a wide variety of products which will definitely assist your patients for various treatments.

I am sending the catalogue of our products along with all the details with this letter. We are looking forward to work in association with your clinic towards helping people to find better health solutions.

We wish to have an enduring association with your medical practice for the benefit of the patients.

Thanking you,

David Roberts

ABC Natural Products Ltd.



Marketing Letters

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