Marketing Letters

Follow Up Marketing Letter


434 Woodbridge Road,

Ipswich ,



21, Crescent East,

Barnet ,

Hertfordshire ,



Please refer to our marketing letter detailing about our products. We are now writing a follow-up letter as a continuance for our marketing letter and we would like to give you more details about our products.

The products were introduced recently into the market and we have circulated marketing letters widely and we are sure you have found the products to be very useful and benefiting..

We now request you to provide your feed back on the products and also give us your orders so that we will be able to process the orders.

Our aim has been to give you the best quality goods and it is our endeavor to provide most quality products and also to give you the best services always.

Please keep us informed about your feed back and also state your suggestions and views if any from time to time so that we can consider your opinions and include your suggestions.

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