Marketing Letters

Marketing Introduction Letter


244, Bennetts Castle Lane,

Dagenham ,

Essex ,



Preston Patrick,

Cumbria ,


This is to introduce our products through this letter of marketing and we are hereby privileged to forward this communication to you to know more about our products.

Our products are quite perfect in style and design apart from being quite affordable to the customers.  We are marketing this product only for the benefit of our customers as we understand that customers are in need of these products.

Either in bulk or in certain quantity, we can supply to you conveniently. Our customer service and support is quite good and interactive and you can surely avail more services.

Please provide us your feed back on the products and place your orders and we will surely be happy to dispatch products for your use.

Thank you and we appreciate your interest in our products and we look forward to hear from you about our products.


Market research questionnaire

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