Letter Writings

Letter Writings

Letter writing still retains its importance both in business as well as personal lives.  Even today, we tend to fall back on it for various communication-needs.  It gives an edge over other forms of communication as it lends a personal touch.

Letter writing can be divided into formal and informal writing.  All forms of business and official correspondence fall into the first category and all types of personal letters can be classified in the second category.

Whatever be the classification, it is important to have a few answers ready before starting off.  Who is the addressee?  What is the purpose of writing the letter?  What do you hope to achieve by it?  What kind of information do you want to share?  When you know these facts, the task of letter writing can become that much easier.

The format of most letters can be divided into an introduction (the first paragraph), the body of the letter (which can be made up of more than one paragraph) and the conclusion.  The content, format and the form of salutation depend on the kind of letter you are writing.

Letter Writings

English Letter Writing

Dear Ms. Clyde,

The purpose of this letter is to inquire on the possibility of doing business with you. Your company has shown much diligence and honesty in the performance of its work and I admire it.

As you may know already, our company is in the business of manufacturing home furniture. We have been in the business for twelve years and business has been good to us. During these years, we have engaged the services of various wood suppliers which did not match our requirements in the long run. From the performance of your company, I can see that it will satisfy our requirements.

I want to have a meeting with you to discuss the details of my proposed partnership with you. This week will be fine with me but should you have other opportune time in mind, please give me a call.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Cathy Dennis

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Letter Writings

Letter Writing Tips

Below are some tips for writing a letter:

  1. The following are the areas that you should concentrate on when it comes to grammar:
    • Adjectives
    • Adverbs
    • Conjunctions
    • Prepositions
    • Nouns
    • Verbs
    • Homophones
  2. Using the proper punctuations will also help the reader know the meaning of each sentence.
    • Apostrophe
    • Colon and semicolon
    • Dash
    • Exclamation point
    • Parentheses
    • Question mark
    • Brackets
    • Comma
    • Ellipsis dots
    • Hyphen
    • Period
    • Quotation marks
  3. You should also watch the capitalization of your words.
  4. Depending on the type of letter that you will write, you should choose the right letter format. Here are some letter formats that you can choose from:
    • Block style
    • Semi-block style
    • Indented style
    • Memorandum style
    5. Below is the standard structure that you should have for you letters:
  • Address heading
  • Date
  • Inside address
  • Attention
  • Greeting
  • Subject line
  • Body
  • Closing
  • Signature
  • Postscript
  • Notation
6. Lastly, you should address important people with their titles.
    Letter Writings

    How To Write Letters

    When writing letters, you should put all the information necessary to convey the message of theme of the letter to the recipient/s. If you are writing for a friend, then you will not need the formalities of a business letter, such as the inside address, attention, etc. All you need is the date and you are good to go.

    However, if you are writing a formal or business letter, you have to include all the essential aspects of a standard letter and these are the:

      • Address heading
      • Date
      • Inside address
      • Attention
      • Greeting
      • Subject line
      • Body
      • Closing
      • Signature
      • Postscript
      • Notation

    Before you go to the body of the letter, you should first start with the proper greeting or salutation to the reader. The most common are “dear”, “to whom it may concern”, “hello”, etc. If this is intended to be a formal letter, then you should use the proper title of the recipient, such as “Mr. / Ms.”, “Dr.”, etc. then followed by the last name and a comma. You can now finish your letter by following the structure above.

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    Letter Writings

    How To Write Emails

    When writing an email, you should first fill in the fields for “To:”, “From:”, “Date:”, “Subject”. Sometimes when there is a need to send to more than one recipient, you have to fill in the “cc” and “bcc” fields too.

    It is important to write a subject or title to the email so that the recipient will know what the email is all about. If it is urgent, it is best to indicate the word urgent in the subject field so the recipient will know it is of high importance. Your subject should be short and specific to convey the whole idea of the message.

    For the body of the email, start with a salutation. Then start writing your purpose for the email. It is important that you give the full details of why you are writing. Notice that this part is just the same as writing a letter.

    You may also add attachments of files and documents to the letter if needed. Do not forget to put your name at the end of the email so the recipient will know from whom the email came from. This is important especially that email addresses are sometimes vague.

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    Letter Writings

    How To Write Fax Letters

    Faxing a letter is easier and faster than sending them through snail mail. This is, however, not the case for everyone because not all recipients have fax machines. Nevertheless, it is still best to know how you can write a fax letter and these are through the following:

    • When writing fax letters, it is best to choose a paper of high quality. If you are writing a formal or business letter, it is best to choose a plain white high quality paper that transmits cleanly through fax machines.
    • Start writing your fax by following the structure of a letter or the format given to you, if any.
    • It is best to put page numbers, like “page 1 of 3”, so that the recipient will know the number of pages to expect.
    • Once you are through writing your letter, send a test fax to yourself so that you will know how the letter will look like once sent to the recipient.

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    Letter Writings

    Writing A Cover Letter

    A good cover letter should contain all information about you that your resume is not able to convey to the recipient. These information are the ones that will help you become more qualified for the job that you are applying for than your competitors.

    There are three things that you should consider when writing a cover letter and these are:

    • A cover letter should not exceed one page so make sure that every word counts and that they all aim to prove that you are the best candidate for the position.
    • Do not tell lies nor become boastful of your experience and skills. Being too overbearing has its costs and you do not want this wrong move to cost you a potential job.
    • Establish an identity that is different and unique and will make your cover letter stand out from the rest.

    The cover letter is usually the first document that recruiters read; hence, it is the most important letter document when applying for a job. It is critical that you optimize this one small page to impress them and in the end, get yourself that well-earned job.

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    Letter Writings

    Formal Letter Writing

    Below are the rules that you should bear in mind when writing formal letters:

    • Do not use informal language such as using contractions when making formal letters. In addition, formal letters should be simple and short. They are not intended to bore the reader, as formal letters are usually important.
    • When writing the return address, it should be at the top right hand corner of the paper while the inside address is written below the return address but at the left corner of the page.
    • It is important not to abbreviate the month when writing dates. You can place the date either at the left or right part of the paper.
    • It is best to research the name of the recipient but if there is no way that you can do this, a salutation that says, “Dear Sir or Madam” is always safe. If you have a name, always address him/her with their title.
    • Always make sure to use formal closing phrases such as “yours sincerely” when ending a formal letter.

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    Letter Writings

    Uses Of Letter Writing

    Letter writing is a very important skill that not most people are gifted with. It is best to train children while they are young to write letters. Below are some advantages of writing letters at an early age:

      • The communication skills of children are improved while they are still young.
      • Their handwriting skills are also enhanced so they are guaranteed to have a better penmanship as time goes by.
      • They will also learn how to socialize by writing thank you letters or when asking for permission or information.

    Writing letters has bridged so many gaps in the past that it is still one of the most highly revered and formal way of communicating your thoughts to another individual or group. By writing a letter, they will see your determination in pursuing a certain goal.

    With the emergence of technology such as SMS and chats, communication has been very informal. These types of communication will never be able to replace the many uses and advantages of letter writing.

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    Letter Writings

    Letter Writing Skills

    Writing letters has helped sharpen a number of skills in individuals. One of these is the handwriting skill, especially in children. By teaching your children to write letters early in their childhood, they will be able to enhance their penmanship. Writing legible handwritten letters have always been a popular way of communicating your feelings to a friend or relative. Well-handwritten letters make an impression of the writer and how determined he/she is for his/her intentions when writing the letter.

    The second skill that is enhanced when writing a letter is a person’s socializing skills. Most of the letters require a series of replies between the recipient and the sender.

    The third skill that is developed in writing letters is a person’s communication skills. Grammar and sentence structure is one important aspect of a superior communication skill and by writing letters, a person is able to sharpen the flows and movement of each sentence to make a logical paragraph that is in accordance with the intention of his letter.

    By being able to master the skill of letter writing, more and more people are becoming confident with their daily activities in life.

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    Letter Writings

    Writing a Complaint Letter



    Front St, Durham ,

    County Durham ,

    DH1 5BL


    323, Tavistock Rd, Plymouth ,

    Devon ,

    PL6 8AE

    This is to inform you that we have a complaint against you about the products supplied by you. We have received the parcel on [date] and upon checking of the products, we found some defects in the products and we wish to inform you that we need a replacement of all defective goods.

    At the time of placing an order, you stated that you will defect-free goods but we did not receive goods that are free from defects.

    We also would like to inform you that if we do not receive quality goods within ten days, we will be canceling our order and we will be claiming full amount from you.

    Please confirm receipt of this letter and confirm to us that you are replacing the goods. Call us or mail us with the dispatch details so that we can track shipment. Please also ensure proper packing and forwarding so that goods are not damaged in transit.

    Letter Writings

    Writing a Letter of Interest


    Front St, Durham ,

    County Durham ,

    DH1 5BL


    Chaxhill Hall,

    Westbury-On-Severn ,

    Gloucestershire ,

    GL14 1QW

    As per the recent advertisement, I understand that there are few vacancies in your organization and I am interested in joining your organization.  Along with me my friend is also showing a very good interest in your company to work in a suitable position.

    I am herewith enclosing a  resume of my friend along with letter of interest, which states about why my friend is interested in joining your company.

    To state about me, I am quite diligent and hard working in giving the best services to your organization. Surely I can deliver quality work as a team member and can meet the timely schedules.

    My friend along with me would like to work for your organization and in this aspect, kindy call on us for any clarifications and we will be able to give you prompt response always.

    Thank you and we earnestly look forward to receive your reply for further discussion.


    Letter Writings

    Writing a Letter of Appeal



    Central Parade,

    Herne Bay ,

    Kent ,

    CT6 5JN


    83 — 87 Moore Street,

    Northampton ,

    NN2 7HU


    This is to appeal before you about the issue that has been submitted to you for a suitable decision. There are many facts in this appeal which require lot of consideration in order to take further decision.

    Kindly take another review and give a suitable decision. Since your decision will surely leave an impact on my future, I request you to verify the facts once again and I am enclosing another copy of appeal before you and my personal request is that, please get a complete analysis of this issue and keep a record of analysis.

    This will surely help in taking the best decision and further my problems will be solved. As you agree, solving this issue is really important for me as my future is dependent on your decisions.

    Thank you and kindly give your confirmation that you would work on my appeal and will speed up the process of final decision.

    Letter Writings

    Writing a Resignation Letter


    Down House,

    Alum Bay New Rd,

    Totland Bay ,

    Isle of Wight ,

    PO39 0ES


    Glen Rd, Sidmouth ,

    Devon ,

    EX10 8RW

    Dear ,

    Kindly accept this letter of resignation as I have decided to leave the company in my position with effect from [date]

    I sincerely thank all of you to have given me this opportunity to work for you and also for the excellent cooperation given during my tenure of service.

    I was able to learn many things in my work and it was a professional work environment that encouraged me to continue working for the company.

    If there are any pending works or if there are any dues from my end, please do not hestitate to contact me so that I will clear all the pending jobs and dues to the final settlement.

    I also request you to give me complete details about my leave and refund all the non-availed leaves and other employee benefits.

    Thank you once again and I sincerely thank all of you for the perfect cooperation extended during my services to the company.


    Your name

    Letter Writings

    How to Write a Farewell Letter


    66, St. Nicholas St,

    Coventry ,

    West Midlands ,

    CV1 4BP


    28, Dorchester Rd,

    Weymouth ,

    Dorset ,

    DT4 7JU


    I take this opportunity to inform you that I am leaving the organization and will be starting a new position with [name of new company]

    This letter is effective from [date] and I also take this opportunity to inform you that I have thoroughly enjoyed my tenure of service here and I appreciate the cooperation given by all of you while working here.

    Thank you for the kind support, guidance, inspiration and encouragement you have provided me during my services here and it will be a very good memorable experience for me for a long period of time.

    I shall surely miss my colleagues and the management of company. , I am really looking forward to accept my new challenges and shall surely keep in contact with all of you.

    Once again thank you so much and please call me or mail whenever you wish to and I shall surely respond to you.

    Thanks again for everything.

    Yours truly,

    Letter Writings

    Easy Letter Writing


    Tamworth Road,


    CV7 8JJ


    Avalon Court, High St,

    Glastonbury ,

    Somerset ,

    BA6 8SZ

    Easy letter writing should consist of simplicity, clarity and brevity. When these three are combined in a letter making it readable, it will be very much appreciated.  The subject matter of the letter should be very easily understood and must be simple in words.

    When simple words are used in writing letters, the message of communication is quickly understood and a quick result or prompt response can be expected.

    Further when letter is easily drafted, the receiver will be able to respond to the letter immediately with suitable decision which is the main aim and objective of letter writing.

    Therefore, best tips for easy letter writing include, simple language, good words that carry plain and less complicated meaning and that conveys perfect meaning of your message.

    When both sender and receiver are in agreement with the letter, surely there will be progress in communication and this is very much recommended for easy letter writing.

    Letter Writings

    Cover Letter Writing


    Pencader ,

    Dyfed ,

    SA39 9HL


    95, Chorley Rd,

    Bolton ,

    Lancashire ,

    BL5 3PG

    Cover letter writing should be very polite and quite brief stating about the job opportunity and about the interest in particular about the job area.

    This is an overall view for the reader to get an idea about your qualification and why you are seeking a job in the company.

    This will surely impress the reader if you use good and appropriate words and this will impress your employer.

    Therefore apart from being brief and concise in writing, it is also important to stay in focus about the job.

    Writing a simple cover letter is definitely an art and taking time to write is very much essential so that it yields good benefits. Especially at the time of applying for a job and also while writing follow-up letters.

    Your employer will be able to select you only basing on the usage of your words and therefore it is really essential that you should use appropriate writing style.

    Letter Writings

    Writing an Appeal Letter


    Coxs Lane,

    Chipping Norton ,

    Oxfordshire ,

    OX7 4LF


    Dudbrook Road,

    Brentwood ,

    CM14 5TQ

    An appeal letter should consist of request several paragraphs that detail about the facts and events and how exactly you wish that problem or issue should be resolved. The first paragraph must detail about you and must also give an idea about the purpose of the letter.

    It is important to keep the style of the letter thoroughly in object so that your view point is understood.  It is always good to keep the first paragraph short and concise.

    The second paragraph should narrate the events that occurred and the reason as to why appeal should be granted.  Be genuine in writing and it is always good to adopt conversational style wherever required which will offer more clarity.

    Mentioning dates and times will also be an added advantage and highlighting some of the points will also help.

    The last para should summarize everything which should be in agreement of the entire discussion and what you are expecting from the appeal should be stated clearly.

    Letter Writings

    Writing an Application Letter



    Whitehouse Rd,

    Doncaster ,

    South Yorkshire ,

    DN11 8EQ


    19, Perryfield Rd,

    Crawley ,

    RH11 8AA

    Writing an application letter requires to state name and where you live and what is the purpose of writing. Explain clearly what you wish to state in the letter.

    Enclose your application along with the letter and also the fees if any has to be paid.

    Explain the purpose of your letter and the benefits you would derive by submitting application letter.

    Request politely about the processing of the application and wait for the replay. Meanwhile, give a follow-up about your application processing either by mail or by call and keep yourself informed about the developments.

    Since the purpose of your application is very clear, you will state it directly and request the result at an early date so that you can take your decision. Keeping this fact in view, it is important to write your application and present it properly.

    Also give a contact no and mail detail to receive quick response from the recipient.


    Letter Writings

    Friendly Letter Writing


    43, Park Rd,

    Aldeburgh ,

    Suffolk ,

    IP15 5EN


    Seafield House,

    Darmonds Green,

    Wirral ,

    Merseyside ,

    CH48 5DT


    It gives me lot of happiness to write to you as it has been very long since we exchanged communication. In fact I was planning to meet this festival so that we can share and exchange lot many things and events.

    My job has been very good and I have been receiving good benefits. The company is sponsoring me to attend a management program and on this occasion, I will be visiting your city.

    So this is a good moment for us to see each other and I can spend good time with you.

    I am sure you are doing great in your job and convey my best wishes to all your family members.

    Please make it convenient to see me at the venue so that we can spend good time. Please reply and confirm whether you will be visiting me so that I will make a purchase of few things for you.