Letter Writings

Friendly Letter Writing


43, Park Rd,

Aldeburgh ,

Suffolk ,

IP15 5EN


Seafield House,

Darmonds Green,

Wirral ,

Merseyside ,

CH48 5DT


It gives me lot of happiness to write to you as it has been very long since we exchanged communication. In fact I was planning to meet this festival so that we can share and exchange lot many things and events.

My job has been very good and I have been receiving good benefits. The company is sponsoring me to attend a management program and on this occasion, I will be visiting your city.

So this is a good moment for us to see each other and I can spend good time with you.

I am sure you are doing great in your job and convey my best wishes to all your family members.

Please make it convenient to see me at the venue so that we can spend good time. Please reply and confirm whether you will be visiting me so that I will make a purchase of few things for you.

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