Letter Writings

Letter Writings

Letter writing still retains its importance both in business as well as personal lives.  Even today, we tend to fall back on it for various communication-needs.  It gives an edge over other forms of communication as it lends a personal touch.

Letter writing can be divided into formal and informal writing.  All forms of business and official correspondence fall into the first category and all types of personal letters can be classified in the second category.

Whatever be the classification, it is important to have a few answers ready before starting off.  Who is the addressee?  What is the purpose of writing the letter?  What do you hope to achieve by it?  What kind of information do you want to share?  When you know these facts, the task of letter writing can become that much easier.

The format of most letters can be divided into an introduction (the first paragraph), the body of the letter (which can be made up of more than one paragraph) and the conclusion.  The content, format and the form of salutation depend on the kind of letter you are writing.

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