Cancellation Letters

Cancellation Letter for Insurance


Henry Cooper

Sales Manager

Lombard General Insurance

Infinity Towers

12 Camay Street

Leeds, united Kingdom 6700

Dated: 10th of February 2012

Subject: Cancellation of car insurance

Respected Mr. Cooper,

This letter is to inform you about my decision to cancel the car insurance that I have registered with your insurance company. My insurance membership number is CI5678.

I had registered for a car insurance with your company which was effective since 10th of December last year. The main reason for cancelling the insurance is that I have decided to sell my car. I am badly in need of finance as I have lost my job due to recession and so I have to sell my car for liquid cash.

I hope you will understand my situation. I request you look into my application and do the needful for the cancellation procedure. In case if you need any other information regarding insurance policy or any other document, you can please contact me on my number 009-887-87.

Thanking you,

Neil Blake

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