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Cancel Real Estate Contract Letter

Anthony Rodriguez,

Anthony and Co Inc,


June 06, 2011

Jason Lee,

Lee and Brothers,


Dear Mr. Jason,

Sub- Cancellation of Real Estate Contract

Ref- Contract No. 505010/ Dated 01/05/2011

I with this letter hereby inform you that we are not going to perform the contract that we had undergone in last month as mention. So, I hereby declare cancellation of contract that we undergone for the construction of a shopping mall.

Through our research we have found that there are many cases are going on the space where we are planning to build the mall. I have also heard about cheating of your company with its previous partners.

So the management of the company has decided to cancel the contract as early as possible and does not want get into the mess of this contract.

We expect early reply from your side in this regard.

Thank You,


Anthony Rodriguez

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